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Rey Pagtakhan
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Trevor Sprague
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Dave Vust
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Roman Yureniuk
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Cynthia Cooke
Green Party:
Georgina Rheaume
Communist Party:
Paul Sidon
Eric Truijen

Rey Pagtakhan

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03/10/00 Mark A. Schaan Email:
Dr. Rey got caught with his pants down last time but he still won proving that he's a St. Paul institution (although not in the St. Paul parts of the riding).
09/10/00 Richard Email:
Dr. Pagtakhan has been a very hard working MP. The area has been traditionally NDP, but voters vote for the good Doctor, not because he's a Liberal, but because they really like the guy. Put Winnipeg North- St. Paul in the books for the Liberals.
19/10/00 WMK Email:
This will be a very close race. There is a lot of Alliance support in the area, but they hurt themselves last time out in 1997 by nominating a wingnut candidate. If they find a legitimate candidate, the CA could potentially knock off incumbent Liberal Rey Pagtakhan. The NDP will also be a presence-it will be a tight three way contest. Assuming Pagtakhan can rally his traditional bases of support, he should be able to squeak by.
21/10/00 A.S. Email:
In a funny way, this might be the best Alliance prospect in Wpg, or a potential NDP gain, or the devil knows. The real Reys of electoral light are in Wpg's ethnic/immigrant/multiracial-heavy NW suburbs like The Maples; places that stayed provincially Liberal even in the party's post-Carstairs disintegration. But otherwise, the federal Grit base is a little queasier than in the "Filmon Liberal" strongholds of the south and west. The Kildonans were especially electorally sloppy in '97, almost to the point of being a *four* way marginal! And you thought Selkirk-Interlake was bad...
24/10/00 Richard Email:
I just wanted to add that the difference in support for Rey Pagtakhan East of the river where he is considered weak and west of McPhillips which is considered his base is only 3 percent. Signs in yards don't win elections. Just because his support in the Maples is more visible means nothing when he handidly wins both sides of the red river.
05/11/00 Al X Email:
Second post:'Dr. Pagtakhan has been a very hard working MP. ' DOES THIS GUY EVEN LIVE IN THIS RIDING? No one you talk to on the street can even tell you what this guy has done here for the last 12 years. This is an MP who thinks holding three forums for public input in 12 years is a great accomplishment. Word on the street is a lot of Liberal voters in '97 from the east side are switching to the NDP or Alliance this time (just had enough). The conservatives have parachuted some guy from who knows where to run and as of Monday morning of the 6th he has not even declared. With only five hours left to declare it looks like there may be no PC in this riding for this one. With the Liberal vote going one way or the other and no PC candidate there is a good chance the Alliance could squeek in here.
06/11/00 AL
The NDP campaign has been very solid thus far but has not gotten much attention. If Alexa McDonough does well in this week's debate, expect the NDP's efforts to start paying dividends and for the NDP vote to get a bounce. If so, and if the Liberal support in the west continues to decline, this riding will be one the NDPs pick-ups on election day.
13/11/00 Joy M Morrison
I find it extremely difficult to predict the winner in this race since many will be votng in protest of the Liberal record. The Alliance will give Rey a real threat to Rey. Folks are fortunate because if they choose to vote alternatively they have a good selection of candidates.

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