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Winnipeg South

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Reg Alcock
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Bill Hancock
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Gepffreu Lambert
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Duane Nicol
Didz Zuzens

Reg Alcock

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12/10/00 Richard Email:
Reg won his seat last time around by doubling the votes of his nearest rival, Greg Yost of the Reform Party. Reg is a stable fixture in this riding and is not going anywhere in the near future. The Grit will increase his margin of victory even more this election.
19/10/00 WMK Email:
Incumbent Reg Alcock should win this one, but he could be in for a bigger fight than he bargained for if the Alliance comes out swinging.
20/10/00 Mike M. Email:
Alcock has proven himself to stand out and be one of the strongest backbench MP's in the country. He will win very easily and is definitely in line for a junior cabinet position.
30/10/00 A.S.
After Chretien nearly blew it by tossing his token sandbag, Alcock nearly single-handedly saved the Liberals' bacon--and majority--by turning his campaign office into a '97 Red River flood relief centre. It was enough to drive Reform back to the high teens--almost even with PC--and turn this one-time Wpg Tory bastion into the epitome of "Filmon Liberalism". And the already respected Alcock came out of this a folk hero. And that larger-than-lifeness lingers on.
10/11/00 Kevin Email:
The Conservative candidate has had to withdraw due to ill health. That may affect Alcock's chances if the anti-Liberal sentiment is strong enough.

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