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Liberal Party:
Bret Dobbin
Canadian Alliance:
Shawn Rattai
Progressive Conservative Party:
Chris Brewer
New Democratic Party:
Bill Blaikie
Theresa Ducharme
Communist Party:
James Hogaboam
Green Party:
David Nickarz
Robert Scott

Bill Blaikie

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10/10/00 Mike Parkes Email:
Bill Blakie will win this seat again. He has a high profile in the Commons and is active on all the issues important to this lower income riding.
10/10/00 RSC Email:
Blaikie got over 50% of votes cast last time and had the largest NDP plurality in the country. Shoe in again.
17/10/00 Garth Email:
One of the truly safe NDP ridings in all of the country. Bill has been elected since 1979 and there is not much that is going to change this time around.
19/10/00 WMK Email:
The NDP can take this one to the bank. Bill Blaikie has a very high profile and level of support in his riding, and the other parties tend to focus their energies on closer swing seats. Blaikie in a walk.
24/10/00 J Smith
If Blaikie doesn't win this seat, no matter how well they do in the rest of the country, the NDP is finished. Blaikie has held this seat for 20 years or so, and is probably running in the NDP's second safest seat. My nod to the NDP
29/10/00 A.S.
Once, Bill Blaikie's races might have seemed a little more competitive-ish, in the way how NDP tended to win thru vote-splitting flukes. But after Blaikie held on by the skin of his teeth in '93, his status in Transcona approached transcendence. Now, the only thing that can stop him is the lead ceiling of his party's collapse. If even that.
12/11/00 AL X Email:
This one should not be hard to predict. Just looking at the past results the only party to come even close to the NDP was the Liberals who still had less then half the vote. This time around the Liberals have flung together a lackluster campaign in the area. Their campaign office consists of a sign assembling centre with no desks or brochures available. Maybe the ir off to a slow start but its to late to pick up anymore votes this far in. The Alliance also started late and after having trouble finding a candidate they brought in a parachute. The team also has a lack of experience running campaigns. Seeing that this is also part of Premier Garry Doers provincial riding and his success in winning the last provincial election I would think this one would go to Bill. He should even pick up some votes over last time.
26/11/00 A. C.
Bill Blaikie has achieved institution status. Cannot be beaten.
26/11/00 Lurch
Everybody at the Legion will be voting for Brett Dobbbin. Bill Blaikie is a fat, lazy champagne socialist who spends more time in Ottawa than in Winnipeg. Brett is young, energetic and nice.

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