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Charles Hubbard
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Ken Clark
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David Kelly
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Allan Goodfellow

Charles Hubbard

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17/10/00 J Smith Email:
The PC's have nominated a strong candidate in this riding. The Liberal has been absent during the Burnt Church dispute and is in for a sound defeat. Tory Gain.
18/10/00 J Smith Email:
This Riding will go to the tories. This is the only riding where the Tories had a contested nomination, and the membership grew to almost 1600 members. The Burnt Church lobster dispute was fought in the riding, and there is a lot of anti government support in the area. Look for the Conservatives to win this one big!!
24/10/00 Peter Smith Email:
This riding isn't going to leave government side. Especially in the face of government cash comming into the natives and fishermen to sooth the crisis situation. Besides, Burnt Church votes will probably go to the alliance as much if not more than the PC's. The PC's will finish second behind the incumbant Liberal with the Alliance splitting their vote.
26/10/00 JaneyCanuck EMAIL:
This riding will likely split the vote again between strong Tory and Alliance candiadtes allowing Charlie Hubbard to win. C-68 is an issue but not as much as it was in 1997 with the opening of the registration center in the riding. Plus, Hubbard is an outspoken Grit.
29/10/00 J.P. Kirby
The anti-Burnt Church votes will go either to the PCs or the alliance. Although Miramichi has voted Liberal in every election in recent memory (except 1984), this will proabbly the issue that will do them in. Expect a hard-fought 3-way race.
29/10/00 A.S.
Stayed Liberal in '97, maybe thru a combination of Hubbard's relative populism and the fact that Miramichi encompasses Frank McKenna country. Difficult to tell; it's strange how losers like PC or even NDP wind up, through gvt crises, looking poised for Maritime gains. Or perhaps CA, though the old spots of CoR support here are intense but isolated--but the "Gauvin factor" could also brush off into the Acadian parts. In general, I agree that it could stay Liberal by way of elimination...
18/11/00 B. Cormier
Are the people of Miramichi ready to give up the 400 jobs at the gun registry office? Don't think so. I doubt the Alliance will win, although a strong second-place finish is likely because of frustration over the Native fishing issue.

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