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St. John's East

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Peter Miller
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Garry Hartle
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Norman Doyle
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Carol Cantwell
Natural Law Party:
Michael Rayment
Judy Day

Norman Doyle

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Mike Parkes Email: mdparkes@msn
The Conservatives have a good track record of winning this riding, so watch for the Tory incumbent to be reelected here
12/10/00 L.O. Email:
The riding of St. John's east has elected PC's in every election since Newfoundland joined Canada except in 1953, 62, 65 and 93. It is the safest PC seat in Newfoundland and Labrador. Even in thosetimes when the PCs lost, the margin was usually less than 1000 votes. Norm Doyle is a very visible MP in St. John's. Good reputation. The only chance any other party has is if the Cnd. Alliance picks up enough PC votes to give it to the Liberals. I don't think that will happen.
12/10/00 Richard Email:
St. John's East is a Tory stronghold. It very rarely goes anything else. If the Tories are going to keep any Maritime seats, they must do well in the St. John's which I expect them to do.
16/10/00 HJ Hickman Email:
Unlike some "posters" on this list - you know who you are! (g) - I'll declare my partisan bias upfront by stating that I'll be working on Norm Doyle's re-election bid. But even with my bias, I think I can fairly say that this is a strong PC seat. Others have noted its history, but Doyle himself is a help rather than a hinderance. He's visible in the community, ID's himself with local issues, has kept his word on things like giving his provincial cabinet minister's pension to charity (*big* plus) while standing on principle on local issues like education reform. I will say that the Libs may have a potentially powerful candidate in City Councillor Peter Miller (if he gets the nomination), and the NDP often does well in the City's urban core, but unless the wheels *completely* come off the Tory campaign (and I'm talking '93-level bad, folks), Doyle's own strength plus the "PC positive" nature of the riding should carry him through.
29/10/00 A.S.
Tobin or not, I agree that PC's pretty well set to hang on--but oddly enough, Norm Doyle did less well in winning than Ross Reid did in losing in '93. And the NDP did a lot better here than in St John's W, so if they want to make good of their by-election, they'd better make it two for the price of one...
01/11/00 Mr. Mischief Email:
The spread between P.C. and L last time (see left) was only 12%. The N.D.P. was abnormally popular in the marritimes that day and the Alliance was down. Q.: What happens when you take 5 points from the Tories and split it between the Canadian Annoyance and the Liberals (unlikely?) and take 5 points from the uNdemocratic Party and give it to the Liberals (unlikely?) get 35% for the Liberal and 34% for the P.C.
03/11/00 Mike Wakefield Email:
Too close. The Alliance is now in double figures in Newfoundland, and the NDP have fallen to 4th. The Tories trail badly province-wide, but may be able to hold on here.
09/11/00 Initial (BJ)
I believe that PC canidate Norm Doyle will have a victorious win over Liberal Peter Miller. St. John's East is a PC territory. Norm is a well liked and well spoken man for this district. Peter Miller isn't even confidant enought to give up his council postion and put himself on the line. That goes to show what he expects.
24/11/00 Damian P.
Norm Doyle is extremely well-respected, and with the Tories gaining momentum I think the voters will see the advantage of an Atlantic-dominated Tory caucus holding the balance of power.

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