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Dainne Brushett
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Bryden Ryan
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Bill Casey
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Jim Harpell

Bill Casey

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12/10/00 Mike Parkes Email: mdparkes@msn
Bill Casey won this riding with a 2-1 margin over his closest opponent, a Liberal. Unless he's convicted of murder or something he will win re-election.
11/10/00 Bluenoser Email:
Bill Casey is a strong constituency rep. He'll be getting his 3rd term here.
15/10/00 Mike Email:
One word: tolls. Casey has no worries in true blue Tory country.
19/10/00 Work Email:
Okay, so I'm stretching it a bit. Brushett, might be able to foist Casey to the ground and regain this seat. She works hard and the PCs are down in this area for a number of reasons. It is a bit of a toss up.
29/10/00 A.S.
A real measure of the degree of backlash the Liberals suffered in '97; even the erstwhile Liberal stronghold of Springhill went with the Casey wave! Thus fortified, Bill Casey's likely to spread his tiny PC wings and fly back to Commons...
29/10/00 JRFD Email:
One of the Last seats that the Tories might lose. Casey will win, but not with a 2-1 margin like last time.
07/11/00 JDC Email:
I don't know how valuable this information is to you, but upon calling home I was surprised to learn that both my Mom and my Aunt plan to vote CA. My home is sick of the Liberals and likes Stock's social conservatism. My Aunt is sick of the liberals and thinks the Tories are just as bad. Could be a small current of a groundswell here...
09/11/00 randy gorman
this is the riing i grew up in,and for the most part it has voted conservative for as long as i can remember and the people of this riding no that i,m a goes back to the stanfield family roots followed by representatives bob coates,and bill casey,with dianne brushett of the liberals winning in 1993 vis a vis the anti-mulroney vote and the scores of tories that sat that election out.both the incumbent bill casey and dianne brushett are friends of mine and i wish them both the best. bill will remember the call in show i hosted for him in truro during the years through 84-91 when i was very visable in the local community channel in the area,not just in politics but in sports.i was non-partisan in my moderators role and although privately we didn't always agree on all aspects of conservative policies bill has never been anything but helpful when i call looking for information on government programs even to this day.he is a good mp and will be tough to knock off the pedestal.
09/11/00 Cory B.
I think that the predictions about the rest of the country are pretty good. However, I think that the Liberals will take ten of the seats in Nova Scotia. The NDP will hold onto one, I'll leave it to you to guess which one.
12/11/00 jws Email:
I don't know how this one is going to go. Casey seems to be going through the motions here. He is also doing his best to avoid demonstrating any affiliation with the PC party in the materials that his campaign is producing. Best one so far is an advertisement done on rememberance day without an logos for the party with a hand drawn poppy superimposed over his lapel in the picture.

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