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10/10/00 V.K. Email:
This is probably going to be a toss-up between the NDP and the Liberals. With the Alliance scare that I'm sure the Liberals will drum up, my vote is slightly to the Liberals
10/10/00 JRFD Email:
This one will be close with high profile Liberal Bernie Boudreau running here. However, Bernie's notoriety is not all positive. He is as tied to John Savage's unpopular provicial government as Michael Savage (Wendy's previous challanger) was. With Bernie to the right of the Liberal party the strength of both the Tories and the CA in this riding may spoil it for him. This is a swing seat but if it comes down to a likability contest popular playwrite Wendy Lill will win over ultra fiscal conservative Bernie Boudreau.
12/10/00 KD Email:
Dartmouth will be ground zero for the Liberal comeback in NS. The hopes of Bluenose Grits are pinned on former Cape Breton MLA and Senator Bernie Boudreau. But Lib strategists may have erred in choosing the riding of Wendy Lill an able and popular MP, and as a playwright, an articulate and valued spokesperson for artists and the arts community in the House of Commons. And with Alexa McDonough next door, a win for the Senator is not assured.
13/10/00 Chris Delanoy Email:
Wendy Lill's foremost achievement as an MP has been to receive a bouquet of flowers from Alexa last year for being a swell poet. Without the Alexa factor carrying her over the hump this year, the Liberals will probably have Lill shortly join that enormous fraternity of deservedly forgotten one-termers.
14/10/00 Richard Email:
This seat is usually a Liberal seat. Wendy Lil may be a very nice person, but she is not an effect MP. Bernie Broudreau is a seasoned politician with deep roots in the province. Also, he is expected to make huge announcements of funding to the province from now until election night. He will definitely win.
11/10/00 Bluenoser Email:
I would have said that Wendy Lill would have squeaked out a tight win in a three-way race. But given Senator Boudreau's entry in this riding, I'd say it'll be a Liberal gain come election day.
15/10/00 Mike Email:
The Alexa factor will be here with a vengeance. Boudreau will suffer the fate of so many parachute candidates. Watch for Lill to benefit again from the vote split.
16/10/00 Bluenoser Email:
Given the recent rumours that former Conservative Deputy Premier Tom McInnes may be running -- Senator or not -- in Dartmouth, I'd have to withdraw my earlier prediction and say that this seat is a three-way toss-up for the time being.
18/10/00 AL Email:
Boudreau's campaign launch was a disaster with the former Senator coming off as condescending and dismissive when asked if he plans to move to Dartmouth and Wendy Lill offering him a tour of his new hometown. Boudreau will have a difficult time as a parachute candidate and his arrogance reminds voters of why they stopped voting Liberal in the first place.
21/10/00 JRFD Email:
The on-line political webzine reported the following leaked poll for the Dartmouth Federal riding. NDP- 39% PC Party- 28% Liberal Party-24% Canadian Alliance-9% The leaked poll that Halifax Live reported for the recent Kings-Hants by-election turned out to be very accurate. This poll is consistant with the negative response that Boudreau is getting for parachuting in. If anyone can take this seat away from Wendy it is Tory Tom McInnes. Unfortunately for him his party is in such sad shape they are too busy trying to hold on to their incumbant seats to challange for this one. Wendy will have a much easier time than I originally thought. This bodes well for other NDPers in the Halifax area.
21/10/00 A. Email:
HalifaxLive just reported a leaked poll that had Lill at 38%, with the Tories second at 29% and the Liberals third at 25%. Boudreau's high-handed parachute candidacy is not taking off well here.
22/10/00 Pundit Email:
Just heard that Tom McInnis will now be contesting this seat for the PC's. Tight three-way race is likely, but the Lib/NDP split should allow McInnis to lead the way on election day.
24/10/00 J Smith Email:
The Tories have nominated former Deputy Premier Tom McInnis will contest Dartmouth. McInnis was first elected to the Nova Scotia legislature in 1981 and is fairly popular. This will be a close three way race, but due to Liberal/NDP split of Left Wing voters in the Halifax area, this seat will go PC.
26/10/00 Tally EMAIL:
So let's see, Tom McInnes, despite the fact that he's an okay guy is running in a dead party (at least federally). Lill is weak. Both are jumping up and down against Boudreau. Both are doing their best to undermine Boudreau. I think when Reality hits the fan, Dartmouthians are going to grasp the fact that Bernie Boudreau has served the province well. He is one of the good guys. He is worth electing. This seat will be interesting. This seat will be Liberal.
26/10/00 Christopher J. Currie EMAIL:
Lill has a reputation for being fairly intelligent and articulate -- I'm not completely certain that it's deserved (her prize-winning play, "Corker", was panned in the Globe & Mail). In any event, the Liberals are a lock to retake this one.
26/10/00 Email:
McInnis was a pretty good MLA, and is well regarded... in his former constituency of Eastern Shore. If he was running against Peter Stoffer, I'd pick him as a winner in a heartbeat. He's not as well known here, and Dartmouth is a less Tory friendly riding ever since longtime Tory MP Mike Forrestall toddered off to the senate. NDP hold as long as no one catches fire on the doorstep.
29/10/00 SM Email:
Tom McInnis has the support of Gloria McLuskey, and many many high-profile people in the various communities in the riding. He has the respect and the recognition of a lot of non-partisans, and Liberals who aren't too happy with Boudreau's "parachuting" act. He also has the best campaign team in Nova Scotia, an excellent HQ location, and one of his biggest assets is the fact that he has remained active in his community since leaving office.
30/10/00 Email:
Dartmouth would like nothing more in the world then have the key Federal Minister from Dartmouth over Halifax and there is no doubt that Boudreau is a powerful Minister at the Federal level. Boudreau's was the most respected Cabinet Minister in the former Liberal government and , he is respected by his foes and friends. "Bernie" as he is known, is the key Nova Scotia Minister and will have a senior Cabinet position in any future Liberal government. The guy even resigned a Senate seat to run for office. That is the type of man he is and that move itself has engendered him much respect in Dartmouth.
Recent research gives Bernie an demonstrative leader on issues of credibility, performance, ability and capacity to best serve Dartmouth. Nova Scotian's know Bernie as the first Minister to address Nova Scotia's deficit seriously and every year of his tenure Nova Scotia's finances got better, the economy grew and the unemployment rate was cut in half even our credit rating improved. Nova Scotia's also remember him as only the opposition member who gave early warning and was dedicated and focused in his exposing the problems and safety issues of the Westray Mine, long before 26 men died in an a preventable explosion and even after the Tory Premier of the day threatened him with reprisals if he did not let the Westry matter go.
After the explosion all eyes turned to Boudreau as the only person who had the guts to expose the truth even at political costs, I even think Wendy Lill's husband wrote a article about Boudreau's courage on this matter. People like Lill, on the street she is known as a very nice lady but a nice lady that is powerless to do anything for the riding. Likeability does not translate to votes.
Popular with the CBC, the talk on the street is that if Lill wants to save the CBC she better vote Liberal because if the Alliance gets elected the CBC is finished. On the way to work today I saw a large Banner in a shop window that said, "Dartmouth should count, so should your vote; Vote Liberal, Vote Bernie" I think that says it all. People might not always find Boudreau as the back-slapping ,old style glad handing politician that was so much of what we voted for in the past. We know him as very smart, courageous public servant that gets the job done. The Business community have exceptionally high regard for Bernie the only Minister to receive a standing ovation four times in a row from the metro chamber of commerce at the same time his government built the New Neptune, started the Porsia White Scholarship for the Arts, Established the Independent Arts Council, and substantially increased support for the Nova Scotia Film Industry trippling the size of this sector. He is fiscally conservative and socially progressive.
Key Tories and NDP are prepared to " park their vote for one election" because as one said, we can live with and we trust Boudreau, another term with a weak member from a rump party will kill Nova Scotia and the Metro area, "she is a nice lady but she is killing us." The PC Candidate is one of the most discredited former Ministers of old tory government and is best known for purchasing 80,000.00 worth of 800.00 toilet seats with special plastic covers because the government was fearful of AIDS and using government money to building a road to nowhere with economic development money in the middle of his riding ?
Dartmouth is yearning to be significant again and they know Bernie is significant, we do not want to waste votes, we want to make it count. A Globe and Mail reporter the other day stated that "Fisherman on the Easter Shore are telling him that they will vote Liberal, not because they necessarily love Bernie ,but because Nova Scotia can not afford to not to fill the Cabinet with Atlantic Canadian's. We are not stupid, we know what we must do and at the end of the day Dartmouth will vote for a seat with the government and to stop the Alliance. As one NDP said to me yesterday, what it Dartmouth is the one seat the Liberals need to stop the Alliance ?
30/10/00 R.T. Email:
I have just read the comments from the NDP supporters suggesting that Boudreau was in trouble because he does not live in the riding, what garbage and it is based on weakness. Now Alexa when Prov. leader for the NDP did not live in her riding, Robert Chisholm, the most recent past leader of then NDP does not live in is riding, courious that not living in the riding only adversly affects Liberals and not NDP; more courious is the fact that Dr. Jim Smith, a Liberal MLA, represents Dartnouth and Lives in Halifax? Come on, have more confidence in your party and your candiate to come up with more reasons to vote for her then because of her postal code. It that is the only reason, man I am sure I am voting Liberal.
I would prefer a guy who lives a few streets away from the riding and actually can accomplish something then my next door neighbour who can accomplish nothing, and has accomplished nothing.
31/10/00 A.S. Email:
A playwright--how flaky. How NDP. How, er...refreshingly novel. Really. If that Halifax Live poll's any indication, we might be in for a '97 "wha'?" repeat--you remember? NDP seemed almost as doomed and hapless in NS as anywhere else, maybe bumped up by Alexa but not enough. The few regional/local breakdowns that hinted at what'd happen were regarded kinda as rogue polls. Then, on election night--bam! I'm not saying it'll happen again, though it may make more of those parliamentary NDP freaks (electorally and personally) safe or viable than bigtime pundits might prefer to claim. Yes, li'l Lill may prevail again. Theatrical...
01/11/00 darce Email:
Bernie is toast. He is not well liked within his own party, got trounced by Russell MacLellan when he ran for leadership, and has been a disaster as a cabinet minister, and was not even able to run in the riding where he wanted to run in Halifax West. No matter how the Tories or NDP do elsewhere, this race is strictly between them. Bernie comes third. Even the Chronicle-Herald Ottawa's bureau chief Brian Underhill predicted in his column on sat that Bernie will come third, and he is in the position to know
01/11/00 Rob Miller
I have no doubt that Bernie will be elected in Dartmouth. Yes the race will be tight between Bernie and Lill but the people of Dartmouth will realize who can do the best job. Boudreau is a proven leader and is not afraid of tackling the diffucult issues to do what is right. His performance in the former Savage government will prove in time that he and Dr. Savage were right. If we had stayed the course with the Savage/Boudreau plan of managing our debt,these cutbacks of the Ham government would not be necessary or atleast not as severe. To get anything in your community, you must have an effective voice at the Cabinet level. The NDP will never form the federal government and in fact may be wiped out as an official recognized party. The PC's are faced with the same future. Tom MacInnis.....wasn't he part of the Buchannan Era of old school politics that borriwed on the futures of our children to pay the bills of the day. What kind of legacy is that. Were was he in those days when it was time to make the right choices at the cabinet level. As for not living in the riding, what hogwash. This is an attack launched by the NDP. Robert Chisholm never lived in his provoncial riding but managed to win several times for the NDP. In Cape Breton,NDP candidates in the past such as Gerald Yetman has run in just about every riding on the IIsland in past provoincial and Federal elections. The people of Dartmouth want action and leadership. There is only one way to get it.... by having a voice that will be heard in the Federal Cabinet
01/11/00 K Email:
Just LOOK at Wendy's record. Look at her issues in Parliament - what is here record on issues that really affect people in Dartmouth. She wrote a play - good, great! But what does that do for health, education, public safety and infrastructure? What does chaperoning a dance at a local junior high school have to do with REAL action on the issues here? This is our chance to have someone who will do more than pat our hands and rail against the unfairness of it all! Whatever critics have said about Boudreau - they all agree he is a man of action and will definately get results here in Dartmouth. I don't know about you, but I don't want to spend the next 4 years "debating" - let's get on with it!!
01/11/00 Chris Chmelyk
If the Liberals think they can win this one (ESPECIALLY by parachuting the unpopular Bernie Boudreau), they are dreaming. THis riding was never a strong Liberal riding; it was traditionally Tory. A recent poll showed the Liberals running THIRD here. THe Tories could have an outside chance of gaining this one, but I think Wendy Lill has a lock on it.
03/11/00 randy gorman
with no disrespect for chris, who left the previous message,but i have to disagree. i do polling for a living and a recent poll in this riding that was done a few days ago shows the race shaping up in this riding between liberal bernie boudreau and the pc's tom mcinnis,although many respondents think wendy lill is a nice person they are choosing between the other two candidates,rediction here is a close race with mr. boudreau a cabinet minister in waiting taking the riding back for the liberals.
06/11/00 Email:
Wend Lil is popular and the Alexa factor will prove to be stronger than the Liberals
07/11/00 ER Email:
PC Tom McInnis has recieved the endorsements of high-profile people including long-time Liberal and former Dartmouth mayor Gloria McLuskey. The people of Dartmouth don't want Bernie Boudreau, and Wendy Lill has seen her day. Alliance candidate Morgan is just a pretty face. Tom McInnis has recieved a lot of good press, and his NS cabinet experience and reputation as a good constituency MLA will get him the MP seat.
07/11/00 AKLS Email:
(Boudreau) He could have gone any where in Nova Scotia to run for office other than Halifax West where his good friend Jeff Regan was running but he made the choice to be the MP for Dartmouth come November 27th,2000, One of your writer commented on the fact that the Liberal party did not want him because they did not elect him Premier, If only you knew, If he had been elected Nova Scotia would still have a Liberal Government, but that was not the case but Liberals do not eat their own as the PC's do, Diefendbaker & Clarke comes to mind, Joe Clarke has risen again but they arestill being stabbed in the back.
09/11/00 mjs
Dartmouth has never had a federal cabinet minister representing the riding.The ability of BERNIE B to be an effective voice will be the difference.Lill is an aggressive candidate who is not backing down and McInnis is probably as good as the PC,s could get but they are not strong in Metro anymore.Bernie wins convincingly.
10/11/00 Leon Phelps Email:
I like Jordi Morgan, he used to be on TV on CBC Newsworld. Now he's running for a party wanting to sell the CBC. Ironic, isn't it.
12/11/00 Janey Canuck Email:
"here is an honourable man who worked hard as Provincial Finance Minister and as your Minister of Health and you should all be proud to have him as your Member of Parliament in Ottawa" Isn't this a political ad and contrary to the rules of this site? I am trying to be objective in assessing these ridings, we need to report what we accurately see if this site will work. Partisanship will not help. I do think this will be a close race between all 3 major candiadates and while Morgan did well in a debate I saw him in, he entered too late, is too news to politics and represents the Alliance which will not be a factor in Nova Scotia (other than to maybe take votes from the Tories).
EDITOR'S NOTE: Agree. I apologize for not catching it earlier. Partisan text edited (same applied to AKLS's submission for Sydney Victoria)
12/11/00 Janey Canuck Email:
I think this is going to be close but Tom McGinness is the one to watch. Wendy Lill may be a nice person but she seems ineffective. She will get some bounce from Alexa and the Halifax NDP team but McGiness has the Tory cabinet in Nova Scotia, his experience and a good organiztion on the ground. Bernie Boudreau is an interloper. The Alliance could take votes from the Tories which is what the Liberals are counting on but it won't be enough!
12/11/00 R.D. Email:
Alexa McDonough's strong performance in the federal leaders'debate will shore up their core support in Atlantic Canada. I think they will hold most, if not all of their current seats, and may even surprise with one or two more in Newfoundland or N.B.
14/11/00 JRFD Email:
I did some canvassing for Wendy on Saturday and it went better than I expected. The area I was in (Highfeild park) will be an easy win for her. I found a lot of anger at the Liberals (particularly Boudreau) and no sign of the Tories. But what I found even more striking was that there seems to be a different attitude towards the NDP now. I have canvassed in the '97 federal as well as the '98 and '99 provincial election and I am now sensing a loyalty to the NDP that wasn't there before. There is now a significant part of the population in NS that *IS* NDP and will remain NDP. This doesn't gaurentee seats by itself but it shows something more significant - the NDP will remain a force in NS for sometime to come.
So clearly the other parties have not penetrated the strong NDP areas of the riding. I suspect that with a strong Tory candidate the non-NDP well-to-do areas will likely be split between the Tories and the Liberals keeping each other from gathering enough votes to win.
Boudreau is very unpopular, even the Liberals don't like him. The Feds must know this because they are keeping the spotlights on out of province Cabinet Ministers like Rock, Martin and Tobin instead of Boudreau in the area. I thought it was funny that at the CBC townhall meeting in Halifax the Liberals chose to use Rock while the NDP and Tories had NS MPs Mancini and Brison. The CA had someone from Alberta but that's because they have no MPs or star candidates out here.
Also the latest Ipsos-Reid poll shows the NDP surging in Atlantic Canade, jumping 8 points since the last poll. Although still below where they were in '97 the NDP's support is likely even more concentrated (in NS) than it used to be and going in the right direction. The NDP has received 30% plus in NS in each of the last three elections (prov and fed). I don't expect this to change.
14/11/00 GL Email:
Word is that many Liberals are pretty upset with their parachuted candidate, and are endorsing Tom McInnis, much like Calgery Centre, where there are "Liberals for Clark," there are now Grits for Tom! As others have said, McInnis has a strong campaign team, and they are going to win this seat.
14/11/00 SM Email:
between Bernie Boudreau, Wendy Lill, (Iforget his first name) McInnis, and Jordi Morgan, this is anyone's guess, though I doubt it will go to the Tories or the Alliance.
16/11/00 Jamie Hubbard
If "mjs" is the same Michael Savage (see his email address) that lost for the Liberals to Wendy Lill last time around, doesn't that make his Liberal prediction somewhat biased? I don't mind partisan commentary (I expect it) but I would hope submitters would be open about it. I agree that this is a tight race, but I think Bernie Boudreau has enough strikes against him (parachute candidate, unpopular provincial decisions re: health cuts and amalgamation) to outweigh the benefit of a guaranteed cabinet minister. Jordi Morgan will get more votes than Alliance would normally draw, further splitting the vote than last time. I think Wendy Lill will win again, but not much. (And yes, I'm a New Democrat.)
17/11/00 Mike D
Today's Daily News has a poll showing Lill ahead of Boudreau by about 9-12 points. My suspicions of polls aside, this does look almost comfortable. PC Tom McInnis is not even in the race with only 15% support. I'm not sure if I believe he is that far behind.
17/11/00 JRFD
The Halifax Daily News just released a poll that shows Lill with a healthy lead. It also shows that the PCs aren't even in the race. Move this over to the NDP column.
Among decided: NDP-Lill: 48%, LIB-Boudreau: 34%, PC-McInnis: 13%, CA-Morgan: 6%, Margin of error: 6.5%, Undecided: 28%
Leaners included: NDP-Lill: 44%, LIB-Boudreau: 35%, PC-McInnis: 15%, CA-Morgan: 6%, Margin of error: 6.2%
17/11/00 KP Email:
Living in the riding it is a difficult one to call. Lill will draw well (as would any NDP candidate) from the lower-income parts of north Dartmouth but my sense is that she is not well-regarded elsewhere. I don't get the feeling that Boudreau is going aywhere and his campaign seems to have flopped. Jordy Morgan is invisible and he fails to make an impression. If I had to make a prediction I think McInnis might pull this one out.
17/11/00 M.R. Email:
There are going to be a lot of sorry NDP supporters on election night. With the Tories and the Alliance non factors this is a two horse race. What the Liberals are offering is a sure cabinet member who will deliver for Dartmouth. As the traditionally overlooked side of the Halifax Harbour this makes for a strong appeal. Wendy Lill, a good person, has not done much for her riding or the province. The number of places and times I've seen active and enthusiastic campaign workers our for Liberal Boudreau suggest that his troops are all fired up. In a close fight the better election team usually prevails, and I'm betting that will happen here.
17/11/00 CC Email:
I think it's time to put this in the NDP column. A rather solid Daily News poll shows Lill winning comfortably (14 point lead). This confirms the suspicions of many who believe the overall Atlantic poll numbers, when breaking out NS would show ~30% for the NDP. I think we're looking at Halifax, Dartmouth and Sydney Victoria solidly going NDP, with Sackville-Eastern Shore a very good bet for the NDP and Bras D'or a surprising possibility. Halifax West is going to go solidly Liberal.
19/11/00 GC Email:
The Daily News and the polling firm have had to admit the fallacy of the latest polling results... Boudreau is NOT being recieved well at doorsteps... I have seen literature thrown directly onto the ground or into the garbage in some areas... Tom McInnis is well-liked and will be able to get through to the undecided voters by November 27th.
19/11/00 Amy Hunt
Bernie is closing the gap on Wendy Lill and will prevail on Nov. 27. The people of Dartmouth would rather have a decision maker as a representative than someone who will complain after the fact. The undecided will vote Liberal, giving Bernie the edge.
19/11/00 JaneyCanuck Email:
This is what the Chronicle Herald reported this weekend: "Something strange is happening in Dartmouth where New Democrat Wendy Lill is fighting for a second term in office. All three major contenders for the federal seat agree that Lill is winning - or at least at the front of the pack heading into the final lap." Lill is destined to be elected and most locals agree she will be headed back to Ottawa. It still will be a most interesting race to watch to see just how the other three candidates, all cerdible, fare.
20/11/00 AES Email:a
Boudreau is on the rise in Dartmouth. Its a two horse race between Lill and Boudreau. When it comes to election day the people of Dartmouth will vote for the person who can bring their concerns to the cabinet table.
20/11/00 Mike McPherson
With Tom McInnis a distant third, the soft-Tory vote will come over to the Liberals. There is a large undecided group, but these people will not vote for Lill if they haven't committed to her already. The NDP received a lot of protest votes in the '97 election, but after seeing the ineffectiveness of Lill, they'll vote for Bernie who'll be able to deliver for Dartmouth. It'll be a close one, but Bernie will pull it out.
20/11/00 JAD Email:
This one is clearly going to the NDP. Lill is popular, for example, my Mother who has voted Liberal since Pearson is going to vote for her--Why? Bernie was the Finance Minister who cut the hospitals and medicare to ribbons, and if he had any clout in Ottawa why didn't he get it turned around before this? Another strike against Boudreau is that he said that he would get the province to put the money for a new MRI into the Dartmouth General, and many, many voters laughed at the thought of John Hamm's PC government doing that for the most partisan hatchet guy the Savage Provincial Liberals had. McInnes is seen as an old guy with no chance, in a party where he would be the third or fourth most important Tory MP in the province, if they only get 3 or 4 seats in NS.
21/11/00 Cynthia Clarke
I live in Dartmouth and am working hard on Jordi Morgan's campaign. I cannot predict the riding. Representing a new party still in the growing pains of finding their tone and mission, is not an easy task. If nothing else the people of Dartmouth have to at least give themselves a chance to look at the Allaince platform. Maybe they will not know enough about us this time to vote for our candidate. Maybe they will. But I predict a strong and steady growth and maturing of the Allaince party. No matter the outcome on the 27th, I predict significant gains for the Allaince over the results of the olf Reform party. To tell you the truth this has felt more like a personal battle than a political campaign. I am coming away from this experience saddened by the mockery, disrespect and intolerance.
21/11/00 TM
After the debate last night it seems like McInnis and Morgan have given up. Lill is a terrible debater. Despite all her talk about health, the only time Lill mentioned the Dartmouth General was 4 days before the election. Whoever watches the candidates debate will see that Bernie Boudreau is best able to put forward Dartmouth's concerns and actually get results for the riding. Lill looked very negative during the debate. Tom McInnis actually asked himself during the debate, "Why am I running?" He also mentioned that the Alliance tried to recruit him to run for them (poor Jordi). The momentum is solidly in Boudreau's favour.
21/11/00 Smiling Jack
I think that the Dartmouth riding should be placed as a likely win for the NDP. Bernie Boudreau (Lib) was thought to be a sure win against the Ndp's Wendy Lill based mostly on the idea that the quarantee of having a cabinet minister represent them would be enough to make most Liberal. Thankfully most Dartmouthians aren't willing to be bought this way. The second factor in all of this is that Mr. Boudreau carries alot of baggage fron his time as finance minister under the Savage liberals--most people haven't forgiven for him for a whole lot of issues. It's gonna be close, but not nearly as close as some have been predicting.
22/11/00 Corey
No Way a Liberal will win this year in Dartmouth, sorry Bernie you are going to be a distant third. One thing everyone should know is that people from Dartmouth hate Politicians from Cape Breton. Last election the people of Dartmouth went NDP for the first time and for fear of what the almost did they turned and went PC in the provincial election. If I was a betting man I would bet the farm the Liberal have no shot in Dartmouth. The NDP could win but the Tories will challenge.
24/11/00 George Toms Email:
The polls clearly show that Tom McInnis is out of the race. Wendy Lill left the debate tonight at the Akerley Community College. She claimed it was because of the heat in the room, but she just couldn't take being criticized. She isn't going to take part in the final debate on ATV either - she's sending Stoffer in her place to debate the other three Dartmouth candidates. Wendy better enjoy her last days as an MP because she isn't going to be writing any more plays in Ottawa. She cracking under the pressure.
24/11/00 GLF Email:
I live in Halifax-West, Drive through Darmouth on my way to work and work in Halifax. There are a lot of Wendy Lill signs on lawns in Dartmouth. Almost everyone I talk to who lives in the riding thinks that she is going to win. Bernie Boudreau is generally viewed as a carpet-bagging opportunist and a light-weight. If he is the saviour of the NS Liberals, then they are really in trouble. Alexa wins in Halifax quite easily judging from the words I've heard.
24/11/00 JaneyCanuck Email:
This is what a Halifax Live poll suggests: "The poll also suggests Wendy Lill has some 40+ percent support, with Bernie Boudreau a close second. "
24/11/00 Christopher J. Currie
I was rather surprised, last night, to see Mike Duffy suggesting that this seat is still "in play" between the Liberals and NDP. It looks like this riding could yield a remarkable upset for the second time in a row.
24/11/00 JRFD Email:
Yep, leave it to Liberals to distribute mis-information. Lill was never supposed to be on tonight's ATV round table. The host stated clearly that the parties were asked to pick their own representatives and had no idea who the others chose beforehand unless they talked among themselves. Considering that Lill has already been in a large number of debates including at least one other televised one it is only fair to give this one to another of the NDP's incumbants. I did notice that the other parties were particularly vicious in their attacks against the NDP, particularly Lill. It seems to me that those kind of attacks are only reserved for front runners. I think that people are sick of this kind of negativity and it will backfire on them in the end. I'd be very surprised if Lill doesn't get re-elected.And for my shameless partisan plug - Stoffer did great tonight and demonstrated why he will be returned to Ottawa.
25/11/00 R Campbell Email:
I saw the debate. If that was Stoffer 'doing great', no wonder NS has such a bunch of lack-luster hacks representing the province in Ottawa.
26/11/00 George Toms Email:
The NDP strategy for the last few days is quite clear - keep Wendy Lill out of the spotlight. I don't believe in coincidences, so Wendy's last minute "illness" is a joke. Any real politician would keep campaigning unless they were on their death bed. Wendy is so shaken by Boudreau's strong finish to the campaign that she began dropping off campaign material herself without even knocking on the doors. She can't stand the heat, so she's getting out of the kitchen.
26/11/00 lrs Email:
I thought this seat was a goner for NDP- but if local polling correct- a Liberal failure to gain a seat probably wouldhave had if Martin leading- if Libs win ( then 25 seats in Maritimes)
26/11/00 JRFD Email:
There is no way that this riding is going Liberal. I guess not living in Nova Scotia you don't realize the hatred that Nova Scotians have for Boudreau. When I went canvassing for Lill I found a lot of negativety toward him, even from Liberals. There is a reason that the NDP is using his name in phone scripts for all the metro ridings. Boudreau is more of a liabilty to the Liberals than even Chretien. Boudreau was finance minister in John Savage's extremely unpopular provincial government. This government was widely hated for bringing in the HST, amalgamation, and underfunding healthcare to the point of crises. When he ran for the Liberal leadership he was soundly creamed by MacLellan (70-30), people in his own party don't like him. On top of that former Liberal candidate Royden Trainor's (RT) claim that Bernie parachuting in isn't a factor is nothing more than a frabrication. It is true that often this is touted as a concern when it isn't but in this case it is. Bernie is too closely associated with a government that amalgamated Dartmouth into Halifax and is therefore seen as having a lot of nerve running here while living in the old city of Halifax. It just adds to the impression that he is extremely arrogant. Don't let the Liberal's here fool you.
26/11/00 JRFD Email:
I almost forgot. Apparently the poll that was released for this riding did show the Tory vote significantly lower than it really was. They are likely to get good numbers here but aren't close to winning. All other candidates have publically acknowledged that Wendy Lill is the frontrunner late in the campaign. Expect a result simular to last time with Wendy having a slightly larger lead and the CA doing slightly better due to Jordie Morgan.

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