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Kevin Little
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Amery Boyer
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Paul J.Fitzgibbons
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Alexa McDonough
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Michael Oddy
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Kevin Dumont Corkill
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Kevin Partiquen

Alexa McDonough

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10/10/00 V.K. Email:
Needless to say, if the NDP lose this one, it's over.
10/10/00 JRFD Email:
Alexa's seat is safe. The September Ipsos Reid poll puts her approval rating at 71% in Atlantic Canada. Considering that Alexa and the NDP are more popular in NS than in the rest of Atlantic Canada - her approval rating is likely higher in her home riding of Halifax. In short since Alexa is a national leader and quite popular among her constituents there is no chance that she'll be booted out.
10/10/00 m Email:
Alexa is greatly respected in Halifax. Should be no problem for the NDP to keep this seat.
10/10/00 Mike Parkes Email:
The riding of the leader of the New Democratic Party, Alexa McDonough. She is a shoo-in, obviously.
11/10/00 Bluenoser Email:
Alexa is well-respected across party lines (even if they don't agree with her ideas). This could be the NDP's safest seat in the election.
15/10/00 Mike Email:
My home riding. Alexa has this seat as long as she wants it. She even takes areas that never vote NDP otherwise.
18/10/00 J Smith Email:
It would take a miracle for anyone to beat Alexa. NDP keep this riding as long as Alexa's the leader.
21/10/00 A.S. Email:
In principle, Libs'n'PCs are minding the fact that before The Downeaster "Alexa" cruised into Ottawa, this was theirs no question; and that, well, the NDP enters this election in single digits. But even Audrey McLaughlin survived her Yukon reelection safely in '93. And Aud' was no Alexa..
30/10/00 R.T Email:
People of Halifax, have done their duty to Alexia and there is adeep feeling that Halifax can ill afford to be left out of being directly connected to the gov. The threat of the Alliance is a tremdous boost to all Liberal candiates even the more traditional left leaning universoity professors and CBC types,the core of the Halifax NDP fear an Alliance government that would gutt the CBC, Arts and regional development support more then they fear the Liberals. In 1988, dispite an extraordanilrly well known and well liked NDP candiate, the Liberals took this riding easily took this riding with a relatively unknown and unpopular Liberal candiate because to the stratergic voting against the Tories. This is happening again in Halifax. No disrespect to Alexia but her Party id going no where, and she can do nothing for Halifax or Nova Scotia and Halifax wants real power again, it has never been without it, excpt for Alexia' tenure and we just can not go back there.
29/10/00 Snowden Email:
Rev. Kevin Little was chosen yesterday as the Liberal candidate. Little is a United Church Minister and newspaper columnist. Things could now be interesting in Halifax as Little's "constituency" is very similiar to Alexa's. He has been very active in social justice issues, like homelessness. Also, local political cartoonists have been taking shots at Alexa's low visisbility in her home riding. Check out DeAdder's cartoon in the Halifax Daily News (click on Oct. 25)
01/11/00 Halifax LIVE!
Kevin Little will make the race in Halifax very very interesting. Today posted a story which points out several import issues concerning Little's lean to the left. Although Alexa will be tough to beat, we feel Kevin Little could be a Giant Killer. We will go out on a Limb, and predict a Liberal win in Halifax, due to several factors. One of which will be serious vote splitting. The Ca, will of course take some parts of Halifax, small, but still it will be important. The PC's, NDP,and Liberals will share a split that will go in the favor of Little.
01/11/00 Mike D
Little is not Mary Clancy so he will increase the Liberal vote. He will surpass the Tories, since the very gentlemanly Terry Donahoe isn't running this time. The Rev is credible enough for some Liberals to vote this time after sitting on their hands last time. Alas, he will not defeat Alexa. The media made Halifax look like a horserace in 97, but we saw the truth on election day. We'll see it again. BTW the local Frank is claiming the Liberals are grooming Little for the provincial leadership.
03/11/00 Mike Wakefield Email:
Meanwhile, the Ottawa edition of Frank reports that Alexa is "rapidly edging out Joeboy Clark as the leader most likely to be left homeless." Apparently the private polls are very ugly, and there will be a lot more work than expected close to home. Too close to call??
04/11/00 J. Reed
I had to throw out my idea for my Master's thesis on election night in 1997. Who woulda thunk that the NDP would become a serious power in the Martimes (with the previous exception of the coal mining towns in Cape Breton)? It's all thanks to Alexa. She'll be re-elected just fine.
09/11/00 HE Email:
Alexa has been more of a party leader than an MP, look at the Super Port bid, and all the little city riding issues she has neglected. Rev Little is a great community man, he should consider running in Halifax Fairview when they have their byelection.
17/11/00 Mike D
A poll published in today's Daily News shows Alexa with a 55-26 lead over her nearest rival, Rev. Little. The PCs and CA are barely ahead of the Marijuana Party. Polls are not always reliable but this kind of lead blows any margins of error out of the water.
16/11/00 JRFD Email:
The Halifax Daily News just released a poll that shows Alexa with 55% of the support here, Little at 26% and the Tories and PCs at 8% each. There won't be any of those silly "Alexa will lose in her own riding" columns in the Daily News this time that's for sure.
19/11/00 J.P. Kirby Email:
I don't know if any of you saw the ATV news the other night, but their top story was about Kevin Little writing an opinion piece in 1997 explaining all the bad things the Liberals have done for Atlantic Canada and how he'll "never vote Liberal again." If any Liberal voters get turned off by that statement, they'll most likely go to the NDP, which will only secure Alexa's win.

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