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Derek Wells
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Evan Walters
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Gerald Keddy
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Bill Zimmerman

Gerald Keddy

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11/10/00 Bluenoser Email:
I think the Tory, Gerald Keddy, will hold his seat. But given the number of fishermen in the riding who may vote CA (given the Marshall decision), don't expect his majority to increase much.
12/10/00 Mike Parkes Email:
The Tory MP here is facing a tough fight against his Liberal opponent. Since the incumbent won with only five percent more than the second place finisher in 1997, look for a Liberal gain here.
12/10/00 Michael O'Brien Email:
Because Keddy supported the Marshall decision a lot of people will vote for the Cdn Alliance. They will split the vote and a Liberal will probably get elected.
12/10/00 L.O. Email:
Too Close. Gerald Keddy is in the midst of some controversey due to his positions on native issues. there could be some trouble for him. then again, Keddy's very visible in the constituency.
13/10/00 Mike Email:
Like the NDP, the Tories in NS will lose at least a seat or two to the Liberals. The weak will fall first, and Keddy is the weakest Tory MP from Nova Scotia. Providing there is a somewhat strong Liberal candidate (highly likely) this will be painted red on election day.
13/10/00 Chris Delanoy Email:
This is fairly comfortable Tory territory - they'll coast to another plurality win here.
15/10/00 Blake Robert Email:
I don't actually think the Alliance will win here... but its definetly their best shot is Nova Scotia given the Marshall decision.
20/10/00 PS Email:
I don't think the Reform Alliance stands a chance here... they have no organization in Nova Scotia... and whatever organization they do have his pretty shabby. Mr Keddy is a very good MP and should expect to return to parliament after a good campaign highlighting the work he has done for his constituency.
22/10/00 Pundit Email:
Keddy will win re-election here. He's been a very hard working member, both in the riding and in Ottawa, and the anger at the Marshall decision handling will be directed towards the Liberals.
29/10/00 A.S.
If the federal PCs are truly going down da electoral terlet, then in NS, their southwest seats'll be the most likely to go. And it's a measure of the Tories' potential sleeper status in this campaign that they, in fact, might *not* go....(cf. the British Lib Dems, perennial also-rans; while their 1997 vote remained virtually stable or even smaller than in 1992, strategic voting led to them jumping from around 20 seats to nearly 50 seats...)
29/10/00 JRFD Email:
One of the weaker Tory seats - so they will lose it unless their polls turn around. Liberals will take this one with the CA acting as a big spoiler due to the native fishing issue. CA probably won't win any NS seats, but this will be their 2nd best chance.
01/11/00 Initial Email:
The South Shore needs a good representation in Ottawa. We are receiveing no representation from Gerald Keddy. Derek Wells is the right man for the job and has to be re-elected. Why waste your vote and vote PC to receive no representation, where you could vote Liberal and receive good representation? It is a known fact that the Liberals will form the next government with a majority.
05/11/00 MJD
With a tory in and a Liberal governement, the South Shore will receive nothing. I think its obvious to people that if they want a voice in Ottawa, they they would go Liberal.
10/11/00 Leon Phelps Email:
Derek Wells was an excellent MP for this riding. The resentment towards the Liberals felt in 1997 is now gone with the realization that the gang of Tories and NDPers in the last parliament have done nothing for Nova Scotia. Wells should win this in a walk.
16/11/00 A.C.
Two factors not mentioned so far, just to make it more uncertain. Firstly, the NDP have an excellent candidate in Bill Zimmerman and secondly, many of the area's fishermen may not vote as Nov. 27 is "dumping day", the start of the lobster season.
21/11/00 Mike D
Earlier I predicted a Liberal win. I'm a little more wishy-washy now. I'm feeling deja vue like it's 97 all over again. The Liberals pointman - Boudreau - is about to lose just like Dingwall. On the ground, the NDP and Tories seem strong in their respective seats. The province-wide Liberal campaign is flacid at best. If Downe had run he would have done better, but Wells has about the same personal appeal as Keddy. This will be decided on a split.
24/11/00 Mike Davis
OK, it's time to get off the pot. Due to the Tory surge in Atlantic Canada, this one tips into the PC column.
24/11/00 Corey
Alliance spliting the vote, I'm sorry I just read this. This is Nova Scotia the Alliance won't split hairs. Nova Scotians know politics, there are more signs in Nova Scotia then Alberta. People talk about Politics and love to show their colours. The reform will never draw enough votes to steal an election for the Liberals. Stop reading and move on to a closer race.
26/11/00 Mark Email:
The 7000 or more NDP votes from 1997 have to go somewhere, and with Keddy losing some support to the Alliance, it looks good for Derek Wells and the Liberal Party.

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