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Peter Mancini

Peter Mancini

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10/10/00 V.K. Email:
Probably the strongest NDP seat in the province, even more than Alexa's in my opinion.
10/10/00 JRFD Email:
Peter Mancini is extremely popular and well respected. His term in office has been the polar opposite of Michelle's. This is widely considered the second safest NDP seat in Nova Scotia.
11/10/00 L.O. Email:
Peter Mancini will hold onto this riding. DEVCO closure, support form the union, and other factors will probably keep Sydney-Victoria Orange.
11/10/00 Brett Quiring Email:
Brian Boudreau, who was widely touted as the Liberal "star Candidiate" in Sydney as he represented a part of riding as MLA, just announce he will be contesting the Dartmouth riding. This suggest to me that the Liberals believe that they can't take the riding back. Mancini suprised everyone in 1997 by taking the seat with over 50% of the vote and claiming the largest percentage vote of any NDP candidate. It should suprise no one is he is easily returned this time
Editor's Note: Senator Bernie Boudreau is seeking a seat in Dartmourth, not MLA Brian Boudreau.
12/10/00 Don MakAskill Email:
NDP will hold. Not because of the incumbant. Just because Bernie Boudreau has decided to campaign for the Liberals in Dartmouth. Liberals would need a star candidate or a big money drop to win there now.
13/10/00 Chris Delanoy Email:
Over the course of the last few federal and provincial elections, this has become an NDP stronghold. Slam-dunk victory for Mancini.
15/10/00 Mike Email:
Boudreau isn't the only high profile Liberal to back away from this one. This is one of the safest NDP seats in the country.
22/10/00 A.S. Email:
And Boudreau must also be keeping in mind that the Liberals had a sure-bet "star candidate" here last time out, too--former provincial leader Vince MacLean--who was humiliated with barely more than half Mancini's vote.
30/10/00 Luc Erjavec Email:
I was just reasing in the paper that Liberals had 400 for the nomination meeting, that is a big number for a rural riding. Although Mancini is respected, I think this riding is too close to call. Liberal is big name farmer in riding.
29/10/00 JRL
For what it worths, the Boudreau mentionned previously is Bernie, not Brian. Brian Boudreau is an MLA (in)famous for being accused for driving while impaired, for assault and for another offense I can't remember. He's a Liberal, but not the same one as Bernie. The other part is true, Bernie Boudreau declined to run in Sydney and dicided to try Dartmouth instead.
01/11/00 John Email:
Mancini will take it again. He will attract Liberals who are not pleased with the severe federal health funding cuts and the loss of DEVCO under the Liberals. The Prime Minister's admission last week that the Atlantic region was hurt more than other areas of the country did not sit well here. Mancini will once again attract Tories who cast strategic votes to stop the Liberals.
01/11/00 J.W.
For the past twenty years or so, I have seen my home riding of Cape Breton, The Sydneys (now Sydney Victoria) vote in such a way that it would end up with very little in the way of a voice in the House of Commons. This election should be no different. Most polls are predicting a Liberal Government (possibly minority) with an Alliance Loyal Opposition. Knowing that and allowing for the "shoot yourself in the foot" theory of electing representation in this area, The NDP seem like a lock. I hope I'm wrong.
01/11/00 AES Email:
This will be an interesting race to watch. Mancini is very popular but there has not been, traditionally, a large NDP "constituency" in the riding. Mark EykinG, from a well know farming family, is not what you would call your typical candidate. And as far as Bernie Boudreau is concerned, it is obvious why he didn't run in this riding. He and his family now live in Metro.
12/11/00 R.D. Email:
Alexa McDonough's strong performance in the federal leaders'debate will shore up their core support in Atlantic Canada. I think they will hold most, if not all of their current seats, and may even surprise with one or two more in Newfoundland or N.B.
22/11/00 SC
I feel this seat will go to Mancini mainly due to the support of the unions, with the liberals going to form the government and this seat more than likely going NDP, Cape Bretoners should do what i heard after the last election and that is vote the next day. The reason Mancine won last time is because Vince MAcLean is not well liked. Vote Liberal like the rest of Atlantic Canada will do.
24/11/00 Mark Email:
This seat is slipping towards Mark Eyking (Liberals). The Liberals are up to well over 50% in Cape Breton, and some of that support has to be in this riding. This is no cakewalk for Mancini by any means.
25/11/00 PM Email:
A CBC panel on Friday said Mancini was in big trouble in his riding and it could go Liberal.
26/11/00 cory b Email:
liberal Mark Eyeking will win sydney- victoria hands down.n-dipper peter mancini has been totally ineffective as an mp and i believe the people of cape breton will not make the same mistake again by electing an ndp member.

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