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Mike Donaldson
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Mark Muise
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Phil Roberts

Mark Muise

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11/10/00 L.O. Email:
Mark Muise has probably the second safest seat for the PC's in Nova Scotia this time around. His stands in the house of Commons in issues directly relating to industry and other happenings in his riding have played in the local press. Even a lot of the Liberals in the area call him a great constituency man. there have been numeroud social events in his riding for party faithful. His supporters will probably be there for him. The only challenge may come from a Liberal.
11/10/00 Bluenoser Email:
I'd have to agree with L.O. Mark Muise certainly has the edge if this comes down to a tough fight. But there's a lot of talk about the CA given the fishery issue. Might be enough to split the non-Liberal vote; but unlikely. Muise has proven himself as a good MP.
13/10/00 Chris Delanoy Email:
If the Alliance is a factor anywhere in Nova Scotia, it'll be here. But probably still not much of a factor, anyway, when the PCs easily take what will probably be a fairly even four-way split.
15/10/00 Mike Email:
I may change this later, once all the candidates are in place. The Tories will have to fight hard to keep this one.
21/10/00 MWS Email:
Alliance has nominated a strong candidate in Mike Donaldson who should be able to build on Reform support from the last election. Mark Muise was wavering about running but I understand that he will be going next Wednesday.
25/10/00 Mike D Email:
Apparently, the Liberals now have a candidate named Robert Thibault. I discovered this fact on the Lib website as I heard nothing about it in the media. The name sounds vaguely familiar. Who is he?
29/10/00 JFM
West Nova will be a fight between the Tories and the Liberals. Reform support really never materialized in the last election. The Alliance is expected to get out the fisherman vote...but this was the prediction for Reform last time, and it was obviously not enough. The NDP had a strong showing in Yarmouth, but this may not be repeated. Any upswing in Alliance fortunes will likely steal from the P.C. vote. Robert Thibault can wrestle the Acadian vote from Mark Muise, and his experience on the municipal level will play well in Bridgetown, Middleton, etc. My money is on the Liberals.
29/10/00 snowden Email:
The Liberal nomination was last Sunday afternoon I believe, and was featured the next night on the local CBC news. They reported a large turn-out, close to a thousand people. Does this mean a Liberal resurgance? It was Liberal for a long time under Coline Campbell (I think). Plus, hasn't Muise been kinda invisible?
29/10/00 joe liberal Email:
Over 900 at the Liberal nomination. This riding is no safe Tory seat by any stretch of the imagination. Robert Thibault has a dynamite campaign organization, and a groundswell of support. Whoever mentioned earlier that this seat was safe for the Tories had better look elsewhere.
29/10/00 Mike D
Regardless of how strong the Liberal is (I don't know yet), Tory strategists admit this is their weakest NS PC riding (see Underhill's column in the Chronicle Herald) so I'm changing my prediction to too close between the Tories and Liberals. CA and NDP will be factors, but not contenders.
29/10/00 A.S.
On a bright leafy fall day, Joe Who's campaign starteth here. Otherwise, it's like a mini-New Brunswick dropped into Nova Scotia; NS's largest Acadian community (traditionally Liberal, of course), counteracted by the closest thing to a NB-style Confederation of Regions constituency (thus, 1997's best Reform result in NS). Of course, being Maritimers, the latter are probably too lazy to elect one of their own;-)
29/10/00 JRFD Email:
With the PCs hemorrhaging Muise is gone. The CA will bleed off enough PC support due to the Burnt Church/Marshall stuff to ensure a Liberal win. If the CA really starts to catch on this will be the first NS seat to go to them. For now consider the CA as a spoiler. Liberal Gain.
07/11/00 Pundit Email:
Mark Muise has been one of the hardest working MP's in Nova Scotia over the last 3 1/2 years. This one is going to be close, but given Chretien's recent apology over EI, this tips in favour of the incumbent (particularly with the Alliance's anti-Maritimer rhetoric trashing their numbers out east).
19/11/00 J.
The people of West Nova are going to vote strategically. Electing a PC is nonsensical at this time.
20/11/00 Ray -Not just another Muise-Muise!
Robert Thibault continues among the first to compliment PC incumbent Mark Muise as an honourable person, and I concur. But West Nova also needs a nice guy who can put on the gloves and fight the fight and get results. I think the race will be close, but people want and need more political acumen in represention of, and for, their important and particular issues in Ottawa. Fishing - Health - Employment - Youth and their futures here at home.
20/11/00 Josey Mac
The people of West Nova will elect someone on the winning team and Robert Thibault fits the bill as being a winner. In 1997 the liberal candidate was much weaker than Robert.
21/11/00 Jas
Robert Thibault is an articulate, bright young man who will take this seat from the Tories.
23/11/00 Mart Email:
So Joe Clark has risen in the polls! He should get a job with the Montreal Canadiens. They are also is very rough shape.
23/11/00 Joe
The Alliance and the PCs are splitting the right wing vote. Too bad for the Tories. The NDP are not a factor.
24/11/00 Dave Email:
Chrétien's visit to the riding has turned this one into a win for the Liberals.
26/11/00 lrs Email:
both Clark and Chretien went here this week- swing riding- if Libs don't collapse completely then should win- if not -perhaps minority government may be indicated by this result
26/11/00 Marty Email
The almost non-existance of the NDP campaign in this riding indicated that many of those NDP votes will probably go to the Liberals and Alliance. The Tories are the losers in that battle.
26/11/00 Abel
Why would anyone want to vote for a candidate who will end up in the fourth or fifth party in Ottawa? We have already tried that and the results were far from satisfactory.

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