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Liberal Party:
Brent St. Denis
Canadian Alliance:
Ron Swain
Progressive Conservative Party:
Dale Lapham
New Democratic Party:
Grant Buck
green Party:
Alexander Jablanczy

Brent St. Denis

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Surrounding Ridings:
Nickel Belt
Thunder Bay-Superior North
Timmins-James Bay

Population: 76 253
Avg Household Income 42 356
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26/10/00 Christopher J. Currie EMAIL:
With the NDP focusing on Sault Ste. Marie (where former Algoma MPP Bud Wildman is running), and the Alliance not fielding a strong candidate, I can't imagine the Liberals having too much trouble here.
31/10/00 A.S. Email:
Lester B's old fortress delivered a portentious shocker in '97 when it dropped *below* Ontario Grit par for the first time in eons, thanks to a rookie backbencher, the C-68-fueled Reform vote, and the viable NDP bid by Bud Wildman's son Jody. It was almost as if the N Ont frontier was morphing into the raw eastern outpost of Western Canada. Though there's not an awful lot of right to unite here compared to some other "surprise" Ontario setbacks, the upset potential remains...
02/11/00 Christopher J. Currie
I've discovered that the Green Party candidate in this riding is Lloyd Greenspoon, who ran for the NDP in 1988. This won't change the final result (Brent St. Denis will still be returned fairly easily), but Greenspoon might be able to make a respectable showing (mostly at the expense of the NDP, of course).
15/11/00 Christopher J. Currie
Not to dwell on this point or anything, but it seems that I jumped the gun in calling Lloyd Greenspoon as the Green candidate -- my apologies to Dr. Jablanczy. Greenspoon, it would seem, is simply a riding contact for the area (or some such thing). Not that it makes any real difference, St. Denis is still heading for an easy win, etc.
19/11/00 Delroy Prescott
Expect St.Denis to hold this huge riding. From Manitowadge in the North to Manitoulin Island in the south,the incumbent has a tremendous advantage in terms of name recognition.A liberal riding since Confederation,L.B.Pearson was parachuted into Algoma East as it was known then, and Dr.Foster, still an adviser in Chretien's office held it for 26 years.Some discontent still simmers over gun control, however not the signs, bumper stickers etc. like last campaign which St.Denis won by a comfortable margin. Expect Alliance and NDP to fight it out for second place.
24/11/00 SM Email:
Brent St-Denis will win hands down, no doubt about it! The Tories are still a bit of a joke in this part of Ontario, i.e. Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma-Manitoulin. The Alliance got booed TWICE at the all candidates debate, Alexander Jablanczy of the greens will split what little vote the NDP will get (Not much though considering most of the people in this riding are content with the four main non-Québec parties in Canada, though the Reform, nor the Alliance have, or will ever take root here) I read an article in the Sault Star about the Green party candidate here in Algoma, and I must say that if I didn't like the Liberals, I'd like the local Greens. So I think they'll get at least a fair showing, probably better than the Tories, considering they're so low-profile in this riding. I don't know much about the new NDP candidate, Grant Buck, other than the Green candidate repeatedly interrupted him in the all candidates debate, so I hear. So it will be another Liberal swe! ep of all the polls in this riding, I'd be very surprised otherwise.

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