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Liberal Party:
John Bryden
Canadian Alliance:
Ray Pennings
Progressive Conservative Party:
Gerald B.Aggus
New Democratic Party:
Fordon Guyatt

John Bryden

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Population: 88 661
Avg Household Income 65 485
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23/10/00 A. Email:
The Liberals just won this area in a provincial by-election, by a wide margin. This despite it being in the infamous "905 belt" that is supposed to be a lock for right-wingers. Bryden will carry it federally.
23/10/00 Mark A. Schaan Email:
After Ted's win in the by-election, I'm pretty sure this riding will stay Liberal. I don't think this portion of the 905 can come around to the CA.
25/10/00 Brad Nicpon Email:
Could be an interesting race here... It's 905 territory and Provincially we all know what that means. The Liberals won with 13% in '97, but that was only 41% of the vote. If PC votes slide to the CA as Stockwell Day hopes they do this could be an upset. You never know.
31/10/00 A.S. Email:
The ex-Wentworth-Burlington, given its ungainly new tag in time for the prov by-el--which BTW shouldn't be used as a raw fed harbinger. A conundrum of a riding, where 905-belt upscale, SW Ontario farm country and suburban-Steeltown tendencies collide; and Bryden's a conundrum--a bit quixotic, like Dennis Mills Lite--with election signs that look like the "Ellen" show logo. Below-average in Liberal strength, but the mitigating factor is that Aldershot-to-Ancaster affluence actually propelled PCs to a solid second over Reform in '97. Municipal amalgamation was partly behind the big provincial Liberal upset; beats me what effect it'll have federally one way or another...
26/10/00 AL Email:
Provincially, we know what that means... it means that this riding went solidly Liberal in the recent by-election and will likely go Liberal federally as well.
21/11/00 Email:
I go to school at McMaster and I can tell you that the Alliance has a real chance in this riding. They're running a fantastic candidate in Ray Pennings, and from what people hear on the ground the right-wing is strongly united behind the Alliance at the moment. I think it's definitely too close to call, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Alliance carries this riding on election day.

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