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Liberal Party:
Gurbax Malhi
Canadian Alliance:
Gurdish Mangat
Progressive Conservative Party:
Danny Varaich
New Democratic Party:
Vishnu Roche
Communist Party:
Jim Bridgewood
Marxist-Leninist Party:
David Greig
Gurinder Malhi

Gurbax Malhi

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Population: 103 589
Avg Household Income 59 806
Language (Home)
English 82 945
Punjabi 5 745
Italian 3 860
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12/10/00 Robert Taos Email:
A lot of people always complain about Gurbax Malhi, however it is an anti-Indian sentiment out there. Yes he is Sihk, but he looks after all of his people in the riding. He is a Canadian first and foremost. The other contenders are disorganized and are running to inflate their own ego. Personally, Malhi has done a good job so far. None of the other candidates can compete with his record of hard work in the community.
16/10/00 TD Email:
After taking off one's rose-coloured glasses, a fairer picture of Gurbax Malhi can be drawn. Rarely replying to constituent letters and rarely speaking in the House offer a truer vision of his worth to the constituency. I will concede, however, that it seems miore than likely that the CA and PC will split each other once again, and Malhi will embark upon a third term of mediocrity.
23/10/00 Bluenoser Email:
This might be a tight race between the PCs and Liberals. The local CA association is in a meltdown. The riding executive resigned en masse over accused dictatorship by the national HQ over the candidate to run.
24/10/00 Susan Bourette Globe and Mail
The entire executive board of one of the Alliance's Toronto-area constituency associations quit yesterday, charging that national headquarters is running the party like a dictatorship.
"What happened to grassroots democracy?" asked Jo-Ann MacKenzie, the executive-secretary of the party's board of directors in the Bramalea-Gore-Malton-Springdale federal riding.
"I'm disenchanted with the party because I feel it's lacking honesty and integrity. It's no longer a grassroots party. I feel it's dictatorial . . . How dare they call Jean ChrTtien arrogant when they behave like this."
At issue is the nomination approval of one of two candidates who will eventually represent the Alliance in the Bramalea riding. The Alliance's national office has given the stamp of approval to a local candidate after he was flatly rejected by local party organizers.
"This person was interviewed and was not fit to run for the Alliance in the opinion of our selection committee," said a member of the local committee, who asked not to be named, and was one of 18 people who quit the party organization yesterday.
"That decision, unfortunately, was overturned by the national party. We are very upset and disappointed. We feel very strongly that this is the wrong decision."
31/10/00 A.S.
"Gearbox", as Howard Stern might call him. Interesting electoral march here. The fact of Malhi being a turbanned Sikh led to ugly electoral results in '93; a depressed, Malton-concentrated Liberal vote and an outsize, Bramalea-concentrated Reform vote. The backlash was toned down in '97; Malhi's vote rose, and a popular PC school trustee outstripped Reform for second. Now, an ugly Alliance nomination fight--but lo and behold, CA's gone Sikh, too (and MPP Raminder Gill's on-side). Folding the backlash against itself; you've come a long way, baby...
25/11/00 A.S.
Well, substitute another, and perhaps more tinpot-hilarious, form of racially-based ugliness for the original--this one emanating *from within*, rather than in reaction to, Sikhdom, complete with an apparent bogus candidate to confuse potential Liberal voters. It leaves me picturing Malhi and Mangat tugging at each other's beards like hillbillies while Bugs Bunny fiddles his square dance (sorry, I still can't get that Howard Stern out of me;-)). The fact that the NDPer is un-turbanned and the PC is "of colour" doesn't help matters much; I won't be surprised if the Communist and Marxist-Leninist candidates'll get their best votes in the country simply because they're the WASPiest ones running...

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