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Liberal Party:
Paddy Torsney
Canadian Alliance:
Don Pennell
Progressive Conservative Party:
Stephen Collinson
New Democratic Party:
Larry McMahon
Green Party:
Tom Snyder

Paddy Torsncy

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Population: 96 779
Avg Household Income 62 276
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09/10/00 Richard Email:
Liberal Paddy Tornsey is very energetic and extremely popular. Her youthfull enthusiasm in politics has gone over very well with her constituents. This area has traditional Tory roots but look for the split on the right to put Tornsey back in Ottawa.
20/10/00 A.S. Email:
Interesting paradox. This used to be one of the 5 or 10 staunchest PC ridings in Ontario, and it was among their top 5 or 10 Ontario comeback targets in '97. But given the primarily upscale-PC leanings, the hoped-for shift to CA green could come unsteadily; in fact, the fatal split in the right might come from the *other* direction, from staunch upscale PC's who'd rather stay put or park with the Grits! And thus, in spite of Bay Street's overtures, we might see blue-blood bastions like Burlington staying Grit while it's the old NDP fortresses like Oshawa who'll go CA...
13/11/00 Bill Email:
Chretien said that there are only two realistic parties to vote for - The Alliance or The Liberals, I believe Burlington voters will know this during election time. Vote splitting was the only reason that Paddy Torsney took Burlington. If you combined the total PC and Reform vote in 1997, it would come to 25,006 votes, compared to the Liberal vote count of 22,042. This at a time when the Reform party was inexperienced and the PC party was never forgiven for Kim Campbell. Don Pennell is organized and motivated. Volunteers have flooded his HQ which is easily spotted in the core of Burlington. Expect this city to suprise a lot of people. In 1984, 62% voted PC...In 1988, 52.07% voted PC.
13/11/00 A.S.
One glitch in the CA system, which might remind people of scary ol' Reform with its scary ol' zealots; if I'm guessing correctly, Don Pennell is the former leader of the provincial Family Coalition Party. And remember that in spite of Ed Harper's history, Reform blew Barrie in '97 by running a former CoR candidate...
18/11/00 Pundit Email:
PC's are coming on strong here, which is why Clark is making this his major stop on Sunday November 19, 2000. This is a long-time PC riding and the Reform/Alliance is slipping here as they are accross Ontario as a result of Mr. Day's very weak campaign performance. The Liberals are still ahead but the PC's might just catch up by election day.

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