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Liberal Party:
Susan Whelan
Canadian Alliance:
Scott Cowan
Progressive Conservative Party:
Merrill Baker
New Democratic Party:
Marion Overholt
Marxist-Leninist Party:
Robert Cruise

Susan Whelan

Previous Result:

Surrounding Ridings:
Windsor-St. Clair
Windsor West

Population: 99 263
Avg Household Income 54 905
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26/10/00 AL Email:
Walkerton won't exactly help out the Alliance in this SW Ontario seat.
30/10/00 Steven Lloyd
The second place party in '97 was the NDP and I don't see them gaining 20% in the polls in this election, nor do I see the Alliacne gaining 25%
30/10/00 Joe Horneck
Susan Whelan should hold her seat. She is a good member and has huge name recognition.
01/11/00 A.S.
Eugene's daughter's been little heard from since she inherited the red stetson and beaned the NDP's Steven Langdon in '93. Due to the Langdon factor, this was a prominent CAW-backed NDP target in '97; Reform also did well, under the circumstances (well, they got back their deposit). With Langdon but a quavering memory, the NDP's probably calmed down their pretensions to this seat; anyway, expect NDP and CA to effectively cancel each other out...
03/11/00 Sarah Watts
I think that the finish in the 1999 provincial election will be of assistance to the Alliance in this riding. The Ontario PC's placed a strong second, and many of these people are supporting Scott Cowan. A contested nomination and general excitement for the party has more than tripled party membership in the riding for the Alliance. That means both volunteers and money. The NDP has virtually lost the support of the auto idustry to the Alliance, and the Alliance has the agricultural vote. I still think that Whelan will hold on to her seat, but I think that the margin will be slim.
04/11/00 Mike longmoore
Marion Overholt might have an outside chance. She is a well-known legal aid lawyer, has strong family ties in Amherstberg, and is receiving strong support from the womens' movement. The farmers are very disatisfied with the Liberals and demonstrated at a recent chretien fundraiser . She is also receiving support from the autoworkers union, who are still mad at the liberals for cutting E.I., and their failure to save the last shreds of the autopact. If health-care breaks into the debate there could be a surprize in this doctor starved region

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