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Kenora-Rainy River

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Liberal Party:
Hon Bob Nault
Canadian Alliance:
Ed Prefontaine
Progressive Conservative Party:
Brian Barrett
New Democratic Party:
Susan Barclay

Hon Robert Nault

Previous Result:

Surrounding Ridings:
Thunder Bay-Atikokan
Thunder Bay-Superior North
Timmins-James Bay

Population: 76 320
Avg Household Income 43 798
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13/10/00 kd Email:
Naultís outrageous performance as Indian Affairs Minister telling Manitoba chiefs to "get a life", combined with his hasty retreat from Burnt Church -- has done nothing to endear him to local First Nations. Naultís penchant for bombast, combined with Hamptonís organization, give the NDPís Susan Barclay an advantage in this huge northern riding.
16/10/00 L.O. Email:
The Burnt church issue will not play that highly in Thunder Bay. Geography and time and a lack of a lobby willing to use it in the area will keep things quiet. Nault will win by virtue of keeping things calm on the home front. He'll also do well because of several infusions of government money into projects in the area.
31/10/00 A.S.
So far out in the boondocks, it's practically a Manitoba riding; and '97's evidence is that it was moving that way electorally. Nault's pressed on two fronts--first, the Reform/CA C-68 + resource-town effect; and second, the NDP, which held the seat for a term in the 80s but gets an added boost from provincial leader Howard Hampton. Those two fronts may yet press themselves out of the picture--but in the Burnt Church aftermath, it's conceivable that all those deep-north reserves in Central Patricia might slide into the NDP's hands, much as they did with Hampton in '99. Don't expect an easy ride *at all*--at least, not until the end.

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