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London North Centre

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Liberal Party:
Joe Fontana
Canadian Alliance:
Nancy Branscombe
Progressive Conservative Party:
Lorie Johnson
New Democratic Party:
Colleen Redmond
Marijuana Party:
Tim Berg
Green Party:
Jeremy McNaughton
Marxist-Leninist Party:
Albert Smith

Joe Fontana

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Surrounding Ridings:
London North Centre
London West

Population: 102 470
Avg Household Income 44 542
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13/10/00 RSC Email:
Fontana has been repeatedly elected municipally & federally for over 20 yrs and remains popular. No significant challenger.
21/10/00 A.S. Email:
Besides being the king of London's Liberal caucus, Fontana's got another thing in his favour in this Alliance-besotted season; MPP Diane Cunningham still pledges her allegiance to the federal PCs...
22/10/00 Brad N. Email:
Politically it is well known that London is a very conservative city - both fiscally and socially. All London ridings except the south tip which lies in a different riding went PC provincially. If you are from London then you would also well aware of the fact that municipally Londoners have welcomed social conservatism in both of the previous elections. The expressed views of Mayor Dianne Haskett and that of CA Leader Stockwell day are strikingly similar. They have even had similar experiences in dealing with accusations from certain groups, and in Mayor Haskett's case this actually polarized the city and ended up giving her a landslide victory a few years back. Of all the ridings in this city, London West and London North Center have the most probability of leaving the Liberal tally, (though West more than North-Centre because Joe Fontata has proven to be a decent MP and is generally respected) but once again this depends a lot of gains made by the right during the campaign. Chances are party support will become more significant here than individual candidates. This is another interesting riding to watch, especially since I now live in the riding to go to UWO. I make no prediction at this time.
22/10/00 Pundit Email:
This was long a Tory riding and should go back as one of a dozen PC ridings in this election.
30/10/00 Steven Lloyd
I thought 50% of the vote ('97) would be enough to stop Pundit from predicting a Tory win, but I guess not. *IF* all the Alliace voters, and all the NDP voters and some Liberal voters got together with every Tory who voted in the last election, they MIGHT have a shot at this riding (What's that satan?... yes I'll turn up the heat to get rid of the snow)
19/11/00 A.S.
What clutters the situation for the PCs--and, in its broader, more perplexing way, for the Alliance--is that CA organizatrix Nancy Branscombe was parachuted into here after losing her nomination bid in Peterborough. Which effectively deflates her "star candidate" cachet, as well. I wouldn't be surprised if it's like '97 again, with 3 candidates boppin' their beans in the teens as Fontana racks up a majority the size of Montana. And despite Mayor Haskett (who'd be about the only potential Alliance candidate who'd give Fontana a run for his money), I'd consider London less "very conservative" than a li'l bit o'everything urban Middle Ontario stew--remember; it was once the provincial fiefdom of David Peterson in the 80s, and the NDP's also had its strong base hereabouts...

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