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Mississauga East

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Liberal Party:
Albina Guarnieri
Canadian Alliance:
Jamie Dookie
Progressive Conservative Party:
Riina De Faria
New Democratic Party:
Henry Beer
Marxist-Leninist Party:
Pierre Chenier

Albina Guarnieri

Previous Result:

Population: 103 261
Avg Household Income 56 729
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17/10/00 Steven Lloyd Email:
60% for the Liberals in '97. Second place the Tories! with 20% I suspect this will be a Liberal seat in the next election.
01/11/00 A.S.
Actually, that '97 PC bid was a credible, if futile, bid by a local Polish community figure. And this time the PC's have an, er, "name candidate"--trouble is, it's the wife of the current MPP. But Guarnieri's blossomed as enough of an outspoken maverick on crime et al issues--like Dan McTeague and others, a 905 Grit who can play at a Reform/Alliancesque crusading game quite fine. It should help her float back in, much as it helped her in the first place to defy Mulroney's 1988 version of a "905 Tory sweep".
04/11/00 Adam K. Smith
Having strong ties to the Mississaga candidate for the Canadian Alliance, I can tell you about Dr.Dookie. It's simple; he lacks experience, intelligence and skill. I predict that the Liberals won't beat Dookie, he will beat himself.

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