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Mississauga West

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Liberal Party:
Steven Mahoney
Canadian Alliance:
Philip Leong
Progressive Conservative Party:
Gul Nawaz
New Democratic Party:
Cynthia Kazadi
Green Party:
Carolyn Brown

Steve Mahoney

Previous Result:

Population: 99 281
Avg Household Income 67 054
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17/10/00 Steven Lloyd Email:
In 1997 the Liberals got 61% of the Vote. I suspect they will retain the seat.
20/10/00 J. Smith Email:
This is my home riding. Mahoney should win this seat by a wide margin. The Alliance is a month away from their nomination meeting, and will likely run a weak candidate. The Tories are a bit of the radar screen in this riding, but will gain a lot of votes from the Alliance, and from the liberals. Since the margin of victory in 1997 was so large, Mahoney and the liberals will win.
01/11/00 A.S.
The anti-Grit momentum here tilts palpably Allianceward; a 2nd place Reform finish in '97, MPP John Snobelen in the CA camp, '97 PC candidate and current BGMS MPP Rami Gill now on the Alliance train...still, the always independent and popular Mahoney is irrepressible. Except that nobody expected *him* to be swept out with all other 905-belt provincial Grits in 1995...
03/11/00 Adam K. Smith
I am not only a resident in Mississauga West, but I also have ties to the Canadian Alliance in this riding. After the past month, I have come to the conclusion that Mahoney and the Liberals will not only win the riding, but embarass the CA; and I'll tell you why. Firstly, I have met Leong personally, and he has difficulty speaking English, to put it mildly. I ask the question, how can he represent the constituents, if he can't express his own, nontheless their feelings, in parliamant. Furthermore, Leong's platform is a web of shallow promises that sound nice, but are simply not realistic. His dreams of rebuilding the infrastructure, giving more cash to athletes and cutting taxes are not realistic. Leong lacks political experience and common sense. There is one piece of information that is important to expose about Leong. He is a broker in Toronto and works for an investment firm. In 1998, he was fined ten thousand dollars for paying off some off his clients. Leong has tried to hide from his actions, lying to the board about this matter. Leong is a liar, and he will have difficulty lying his way to Parliament, especially with an experienced Liberal standing in the way. Mahoney is going to chew him up, spit him out and will march his way to Ottawa to fail at representing Mississauga West for another term.

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