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Liberal Party:
David Pratt
Canadian Alliance:
Mike Green
Progressive Conservative Party:
Bill Knott
New Democratic Party:
Craig Parsons
Green Party:
Isobel McGregor
Natural Law Party:
Lester Newby
Canadian Action Party:
Kacques Waisvisz

David Pratt

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Ottawa Centre
Ottawa West-Nepean

Population: 99 709
Avg Household Income 69 975
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20/10/00 Kevin Lorenz Email:
This is a wealthy suburban riding with a strong PCPO base. The Alliance has one of their best grassroots organizations in this riding, and the Liberal backbencher David Pratt is the epitome of low-profile.
01/11/00 A.S.
Camoflauged by the recent pattern of Ontario Grit landslides, this suburban Ottawa riding's been configured into vulnerability--Sun newspaper institution Mark Bonokowski knew it when he (unsuccessfully) bid for the Alliance nomination here. And MPP John Baird, one of the more eager-beaver (and CA-friendly) young Harris ministers out there, has an over 60% mandate to stand on...
02/11/00 Christopher J. Currie
Since some Alliance supporters are bound to write "Pratt is in trouble" posts regarding his recent radio gaffe, I'll pre-emptively respond that it won't really matter. This may be Eastern Ontario's version of "Harris country" at the Provincial level, but there are also enough Martinites here to ensure a Liberal win.
09/11/00 Mark
This is going to be a tough one to call, and not having seen any polls it's going to be very interesting on 27th. I'm predicting Liberal based largely on the last couple of elections which were quite convincingly Liberal, but I'm sensing a lot more Alliance support (i.e. lots of lawn signs and by talking to people) than they got last election. It should be quite close, especially given the fact that Pratt has a very low profile both in parliament and around the riding. That being said, people here are fairly well off and I think that would tend to favor the status quo. The NDP and PCs are completely off the map and I would be quite surprised if either got more than 10% of the vote.
12/11/00 Dale Woloshin Email:
Having been in the riding for a few elections, I see no sign of PC life, and if that is the case, then Pratt may be in trouble. Pratt is not seen much in Parliament, but he has a strong team, and is well-respected, and may get the status quo vote. The NDP vote, while never high, should not fall below 4% The Green Candidate is a well-known local activist, and may garner 2-3%. So the question is, will Betty Hill's rural PC vote go CRCAP, Probably. The PC urban vote CRCAP? No, it will go Liberal or stay home. Will the Liberal vote soften, yes. Will the vote swing to Pratt to keep the CRCAP out of Eastern Ontario, yes. All things considered, it will be close, but Pratt may pull it off still. I recommend they get a fresh face for next election, though.
21/11/00 Disgrunteled Email:
Im not going to support any of our canidates i have tried to contact them for a school project and they have completely ignored me i believe we need a new political party that will listen to what induviduals have to say and not just what the polls say.

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