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Niagara Falls

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Liberal Party:
Gary Pillitteri
Canadian Alliance:
Mel Grunstein
Progressive Conservative Party:
Anthony Baldinelli
New Democratic Party:
Ed Booker
Natural Law Party:
William Norman Amos
Green Party:
Clara Tarnoy

Gary Pillitteri

Previous Result:

Population: 91 260
Avg Household Income 44 093
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23/10/00 Snickerdo Email:
Definitely a 3-way race between the Liberals, PCs and the Alliance. This one is way too close to call unless something interesting (such as a high-profile candidate) happens.
23/10/00 J Smith Email:
This riding will go Liberal again. This seat went strong Liberal last time, the Alliance and PC are no where. Liberal hold.
25/10/00 Brad Nicpon Email:
Yet another riding to watch. Grits only won by 11% last time with the Reform in Second. If even half the PCs here switched to CA it would be enough to win. We'll see...
23/10/00 AL Email:
If the CA is able to attract 49% of 1997 Tory voters they should be in contention here.
26/10/00 Initial EMAIL:
Only if you're painting with a broad brush was this strong Lib/CA-PC nowhere; the Grit vote seemed to stagger from a little too much Pillitteri Estates at under 40% (despite the Judy Lamarsh legacy, worst in Niagara), while Mel Grunstein and ex-PC minister Rob Nicholson neatly cancelled each other out around 25%. The combination of farmers, evangelical conservatives, lunchbucket urbanity, Paul Teale and Karly Kurls has always made Niagara Region sexy for Ref/CA, so no wonder Stock chose it here to go up the falls in a barrel. Maybe this time Grunstein will rise above the fray. Maybe not.
30/10/00 Tim Stockton
Niagara Falls is a funny riding which is notorious for voting primarily with the government and not always for the man. Nicholson was the logical choice last time and yet he finished third. Granted the Reform and Conservative split the vote. Piliterri does not desrve to be in Parliament yet he has dominated the last two elections.
31/10/00 Nick Colosimo
I think that Mr. Pillitteri has done a great job for Niagara Falls during his two terms, and I feel that he will do an even better job during his third term.

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