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Oak Ridges

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Liberal Party:
Bryon Wilfert
Canadian Alliance:
Robert Callow
Progressive Conservative Party:
John Oostrom
New Democratic Party:
Joseph Thevarkunnel
Green Party:
Steven Haylestrom
Natural Law Party:
Mary Wan

Bryan Wilfert

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Population: 102 118
Avg Household Income 71 730
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01/10/00 Jason C Email:
The current MP, Bryon Wilfert, is very active in the community and has the expressed support of a number of local clubs and organizations. Bryon's constiutency office is also very active and it works to help all people who ask for help, no matter what their political stripe. In the last election, he won 55% of the vote against a local TV personality. In the comming election, he should increase his margin of victory through his hard work for constituents and constant work to keep them informed of his actions. Bryon represents the standard that all MP's should strive for.
20/10/00 A.S. Email:
Could be an archetypal test for the Alliance's 905-belt strength, considering that the MPP is abortive CA leadership contender Frank Klees. And Jim Jones is a neighbour.
30/10/00 insider Email:
Have to disagree with the earlier comment that Wilfert has a high profile here. I'd say the general perception is that he's rather low profile. This definitely will be a test of Alliance strength - PC support has vanished in this area, with most of their support swinging to the CA (remember, this is a quasi-rural / small town riding). If Alliance momentum surges on Nov. 27, expect this riding to be one of the first 905 ridings to fall to the Alliance. If not, then Wilfert will likely ride Liberal coat-tails to victory.
31/10/00 Adam Daifallah
Expect lacklustre MP Bryan Wilfert to be packing his bags come election day. This riding is known as the epicentre of the "Harris heartland" provincially, held by MPP Frank Klees. Klees' former business partner and close friend Bob Callow is running for the Alliance, and he is a stellar candidate with a high profile in the community. With the Klees network and $$$$ behind him, look for Callow to be elected by a slim margin.
04/11/00 Out of Country Voter
Harris heartland. Big Time Alliance Candidate. Alliance already up 2-0 given we just sent in our absentee votes!
06/11/00 AL
The Tory candidate is John Oostrom who was elected MP for Willowdale in 1984 in the Mulroney landslide and went out with the tide in 1988. I lived in Willowdale then and Oostrom was unbelievably bland and lacklustre, even inept and would never have gotten elected had it not been for the biggest electoral landslide in Canadian history. I believe he also ran for the Tories in another riding a few years after his 1988 defeat with dismal results. Don't expect he'll be much of a contender in Oak Ridges.
12/11/00 Kashif Pirzada
This riding has been solidly liberal for well over a decade, even with the Mulroney tide of 1988. When it was part of York-North, it was held by Maurizio Bevilacqua federally and Greg Sorbara (now Ontario Liberal Party president) provincially. It is a fairly urban riding (Richmond Hill's population has grown from 50k in 1989 to about 140K today), multicultural, contains a mixture of incomes and thus is unlikely to break an Ontario-wide liberal trend. MP Wilfert is well-liked as a former councillor in the area, and has been in the local paper with his role as GTA caucus chair.
19/11/00 A.S.
While Richmond Hill's been part of a "solidly Liberal" (i.e. Bevilacqua/Sorbara) riding, it hasn't been the part that made the pre-1997 riding "solidly Liberal"; *that* was in Vaughan's Italo-Jewish constituency, now hived off into two other ridings. In fact, you might remember the '88 York Centre race as one which would have made Gore'n'Bush blush; after recount after challenge after recount (in Canada's most populous riding, yet), it was decided to throw the whole furshlugginer mess out and call a 1990 byelection--in which the fortuitous circumstances of midterm Mulroney backlash led to a Bevilacqua sweep and PC sinking from 40% to 10%! (This being post-Rae honeymoon, NDP got 30%.) But notionally, what is now Oak Ridges would've been solidly--perhaps over 50%--Tory in '88...

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