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Liberal Party:
John Richardson
Canadian Alliance:
Garnet Bloomfield
Progressive Conservative Party:
Gary Schellenberger
New Democratic Party:
Sam Dinicol
Canadian Action Party:
Larry Carruthers
Green Party:
Eric Eberhardt
Tom Kroesbergen

John Richardson

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Surrounding Ridings:
London North Centre
London West

Population: 91 496
Avg Household Income 48 793
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10/10/00 J Email:
John Richardson has worked hard keeping in touch with the people in this riding. I feel that the CA will mount a strong challenge but John will prevail.
22/10/00 Brad N. Email:
This will definately not be an easy catch for the Liberals. Perth-Middlesex is a very rural riding and tends to be conservative just like it's neighbouring riding LKM. I don't think the Lib Candidate has done enough to be considered a Liberal star either. Right next door to conservative London, Perth-Middlesex could go either CA or Liberal.
26/10/00 K.Clark Email:
I think the Tories may have a shot. Perth -Middlesex has been and is a strong conservative seat. The P.C. candidate is lives near to Stratford- although the Liberals won it last time he did come second in Stratford and the riding. There is a clear anger out there about the lack of performance and competence of the Liberal incumbent. The Ca candidate isn't even nominated much less have a strong base of support. The PC's had lawn signs on Private property all over the riding. I think their organization is quite strong. In the last provincial election it was predicted that the liberal candidate would win - because of all of the lawn signs in stratford. NOT SO ! People seem to be talking about the arrogance of calling an election 3 yrs into the mandate. The Liberal campaign seems to be weak.
02/11/00 CH
Be careful about saying the Alliance does not have a base of support: Garnet Bloomfield was a Liberal MP before losing in the Mulroney landslides in the 80s. Bloomfield has a loyal and enthusiastic team. He's popular in the riding, but it still belongs to the Liberals.
02/11/00 A.S.
Used to be part of SW Ont's fields of solid federal Tory blue (and provincial Nixon Liberal red). Interesting 3-way rematch, especially for former MP Bloomfield, who was the only ex-MP/MPP running for Reform in Ontario in '97 (and surprisingly, he'd been a Liberal). But for all his profile, Bloomfield polled a poor third, perhaps due to cultural-capital Red Tory skepticism around Stratford. Expect this to be a routine opposition target, not a special one.
18/11/00 Pundit Email:
As word continues to leak out that the Liberal incumbant is very ill, many will no doubt reconsider their vote in this riding. With the PC's the strong second choice of traditional Liberal voters, the PC's having come a strong second last time and the PC's having such a strong local candidate, this riding would appear ripe for a PC gain.
20/11/00 P.R.
My informtion is that the PC candidate is comfortably in the lead in voter intentions in POErth Middlesex.
23/11/00 Missy Email:
A poor campaign run by a small group of Ottawa liberals, arrogant enough to hide their candidate combined with a alliance organization unable to break through in larger urban centre and a very strong PC candidate who is draining liberal support will create one of two pc seats in Ontario.
25/11/00 Stephen Fischer
John Richardson's seat was a safe one until an unexplained illness kept him out of several all-candidates debates over the past two weeks. This could have been a coup for the Tories, but John is back and has brought a big gun with him. On Friday night, he appeared at the local Stratford Cullitons hockey game accompanied by NHL great Frank Mahovlich (Liberal Senator). Nice comeback for Richardson. An easy win on Monday.
26/11/00 Missy Email:
Nice spin teacher, however the coverage of a senator coming into stratford was only a picture in the sports section. The editorial in the beacon Herald clearly stated that their are some real questions about Richardson's health that have not been answered. Agriculture and the arrogance of a campaign who have been hiding their candidate combined with dissatisfaction with the arrogant Chretian Liberals. Look for bleeding liberal support where you least expect it teach.
26/11/00 J Email:
John Richardson has always been a hard worker. He is, according to his doctor, suffering from exhaustion. This has caused some concern in the riding. However, many of his supporters seem prepared to support him again this time. Mr Schellenberger has run at least twice. Both times I've ended up with the impression that he is a humourless man who may let power go to his head. Richardson will hold the riding but with a reduced majority.

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