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Liberal Party:
Dan McTeague
Canadian Alliance:
Ken Griffith
Progressive Conservative Party:
Michael Hills
New Democratic Party:
Ralph Chatoor
Green Party:
Chris Pennington

Dan McTeague

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Population: 101 510
Avg Household Income 68 586
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25/10/00 Steven Lloyd Email:
Yet another riding where the Liberal vote in 97 was over 50%. Yet another Liberal riding in 2000
02/11/00 A.S.
Reform chose this as one of their signature targets for '93, but resume-fudger/gas-buster McTeague proved a bit of a Reform-buster as well--the king of the 905-belt Liberal right-populist mavericks. Thus his margin rose in '97, and Reform was knocked down to a poor virtual tie for second. Now MPP Janet Ecker's fallen into a moderate Alliance camp, and remember: if Rae could sweep Durham region in '90, and provincial PC in '95 and '99...oh, well. At least McTeague's got another round of lousy gas prices to make electoral hay with.
19/11/00 Initial
Chris Pennington has one of, if not the, top Green Party campaigns in Ontario. I would not be surprised at all if he gets a higher percentage of the vote than Ralph Chatoor, the NDP candidate, who has had an extremely low profile in this election.

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