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Liberal Party:
Bob Kilger
Canadian Alliance:
Guy Lauzon
Progressive Conservative Party:
Michael Bailey
New Democratic Party:
Kimberley Fry
Natural Law Party:
Ian Campbell
Canadian Action Party:
Georges Elie Novy

Bob Kilger

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Population: 92 846
Avg Household Income 41 836
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21/10/00 A.S. Email:
Seemingly one of the Liberal "safe ones", but it's marked by a very polarized electoral profile, between the ultra-Grit city of Cornwall and the rural townships' strong PC/CA leanings; the contrast made for an exciting provincial incumbent battle in '99, in which Liberal John Cleary prevailed. But watch how Runciman's CA troops march their way toward the Crysler battlefield...
25/10/00 S. Webb Email:
I think you need to do a little more research. Chatham is not in this riding, you are thinking of Cornwall. Bob Runciman are in Leeds-Grenville, but is popular in rural Eastern Ontario. You are right though, the rural part of the riding voted prov Tory and should also vote Alliance. John Cleary won because he won Cornwall, with no support outside, I mean none! But, Cornwall has enough votes to carry the riding so it should remain Liberal with a strong Alliance showing.

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