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Liberal Party:
Diane Marleau
Canadian Alliance:
Mike Smith
Progressive Conservative Party:
Alex McGregor
New Democratic Party:
Paul Chislett
Green Party:
Thomas Gerry
Communist Party:
Daryl Janet Shandro
Canadian Action Party:
Kathy Wells-McNeil

Hon. Diane Marleau

Previous Result:

Surrounding Ridings:
Nickel Belt

Population: 89 692
Avg Household Income 46 226
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21/10/00 A.S. Email:
Demotion from an eternal cabinet 2 x 4 to a backbench critic of her own party certainly firms Marleau's position. Not that there's much firming necessary; despite the flaming orange gird of the Nickel Belt or strong past pulses from the Confederation of Regions, the NDP or PC/CA simply haven't ever had the necessary inner-city Sudbury oomph. It's a Northern answer to those one-size-fits-all GTA Gritsburgs like York Centre or York West...
23/10/00 initial Email:
Generally one of the safer Liberal seats in Ontario. Has occasionally swung both NDP and Tory, but more as the exception than as the rule.Large francophone population + dependence on government jobs + widespread controversy over provincial Tory decisions like municipal amalgamation and hospital closures = Marleau stays.
30/10/00 Mitch
This is a "yellow dog" Liberal riding as safe as they come. This riding votes so overwhelmingly Liberal it makes North Korea look Pluralistic. Having worked on several campaigns of challengers to Diane Marleau and Doug Frith (her predecessor), it is safe to say that only the possibility of incriminating pictures would cause a Liberal to lose this seat.

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