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Thunder Bay-Superior North

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Liberal Party:
Joe Comuzzi
Canadian Alliance:
Douglas Pantry
Progressive Conservative Party:
Richard P.Neumann
New Democratic Party:
John Rafferty
Marijuana Party:
Denis Carriere
Green Party:
Carl Rose

Joe Comuzzi

Previous Result:

Surrounding Ridings:
Kenora-Rainy River
Thunder Bay-Atikokan
Timmins-James Bay

Population: 81 625
Avg Household Income 48 638
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23/10/00 Greg Email:
The sitting MP, Joe Comuzzi, has held this riding since 1988 and maintains a massive support base, especially in the Italian community. Within hours of the election call, there were already scores of volunteers putting up signs all across town. At the present time, Comuzzi is running against an NDP who has a talk radio show, and 2 TBA candidates for the Conservatives and Alliance. To put it bluntly, if Comuzzi was to pass away, the Liberals could prop him up in his coffin and he would still take the majority of the votes with ease.
03/11/00 A.S.
Comuzzi's got a term up on Dromisky; he still managed to crack 50% in '97; and the rural NDP/Alliance scatterlings can't compete w/the Sleeping Giant of Lyn McLeod's Lakehead Liberalism.
22/11/00 Brian Email:
John Rafferty's popularity and the abandonment of the riding by Joe Commuzzi in certain areas will make this race extremely close. However, the momentum in this election is clearly in favor of Rafferty and the NDP in general.
23/11/00 G Email:
This riding has been funny because of the comments of the Alliance candidate, Doug Pantry. The guy is hillarious....for the opposition that is. In successive debates, he managed to stick his foot in his mouth commenting that he believes that women can make it in a man's world, that his daughter is going to be successful and make more money than anyone in the audience of the debate, and then by some strange connection he made a vague comment about a similarity between him and Paul Bernardo when the question asked was about the GST. Pantry is defitely a wierd guy....

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