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Liberal Party:
Maurizio Bevilacqua
Canadian Alliance:
Adrian visentin
Progressive Conservative Party:
Menotti Mazzuca
New Democratic Party:
Octavia Beckles
Lesley Knight

Maurizio Bevilazqua

Previous Result:

Population: 103 631
Avg Household Income 80 439
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17/10/00 Matt Email:
This is a tough call, but I predict this is going to go to the Alliance. It is an affluent suburban riding and has many Italian-Canadian Catholics, which gives the area a socially conservative perspective. Like their counterparts in the US, the white ethnic Catholics can no longer be taken for granted by the Liberals. Stockwell Day's embracement of social conservatism will help him here, as his campaign attracted many Catholic voters.
18/10/00 Steven Lloyd Email:
The liberal candiadate got 64.3% of the vote last time. Unless the opposition parties field a strong candidate, V-K-A will go Liberal again.
18/10/00 EP Email:
I must admit that the Martinites are the worst of the lot among the Liberals. Bevilazqua is probably the only outspoken Martin-backing Liberal that has any backbone. With his coverage as Chair of the Finance Committee and his work/organization in the riding, he should be pretty safe for this race.
20/10/00 M.S. Email:
Should Maurizio decide to seek re-election, it is pretty much assured that he will be easily re-elected. He is an active politician in the area who really sets an example for others to follow. If he is the candidate, chalk one up for the Liberals.
03/11/00 A.S.
The Italo-Liberal machine of Woodbridge and Maple lives on; but even if the King-Aurora parts seem so much more classically Harris Tory Wasp (where Grits did half the vote; they did 3/4 in Woodbridge/Maple), it'll take a rout to dislodge Bevilaqua. And as goes the Alliance, any Palladini's a pal of the Grits; MPP Al Pal's vouching for PC, not CA...

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