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Lynn Myers
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John Reimer
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Michael Chong
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Allan Strong
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Brent Bouteiller
Peter Ellis

Lynn Myers

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Population: 101 770
Avg Household Income 53 624
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21/10/00 PR Email:
TheLiberals are running the incumbent, Lynn Myers. They do not expect much opposition from Alliance or PC camps. The Alliance will probably field John Reimer, who previously represented the Tories in Kitchener Centre. Reimer will get the hard core very right wing vote, but little else. Meanwhile, rumour has it that the PCs have a strong surprise candidate. Expect an upset win for the PC party.
22/10/00 Mike O'Brien Email:
Waterloo Wellington will stay Liberal. No bad press.
23/10/00 Brad N. Email:
A PC upset here is utterly ridiculous. This is definatly a riding to watch since with the decline of the PC party perhaps the CA will be able to pick up some of their votes, and if the Liberals slip at all in that situation they're toast. Otherwise, at this point in time it's likely Liberal, possibly Alliance.
25/10/00 EP Email:
It is probably safe to assume that Myers will be a heavyweight, if not a minister, once the election is over. He is opening his THREE campaign offices today with Sheila Copps in Kitchener, Senator Betty Kennedy in Fergus, and Senator Frank Mahavolich in Harriston. On the campaign operation side, his campaign team was the only team outside of GTA presented at the PM rally in Toronto. He has sign all over the place already, while the only other party that had candidate in place being Christian Heritage Party.
03/11/00 A.S.
An intersticial sweet nothing of a riding now held by rookie Grit and king of the Parl Channel seat sluts, Lynn "I'm a guy" Myers. PC polled poorly in '97, despite the Elora mayor's candidacy and the inclusion of the old Beatty hometown of Fergus; Reform, on the other hand, counted this as one of their Ontario 30-plussers. Provincially, PC Ted Arnott more than doubled the vote of his Liberal opponent in '99. Certainly, it's an Alliance target now--and they're running ex-Kitchener MP John Reimer, who finally gave in to his right-wing instincts and fled PC for CA...
12/11/00 J.D.H.
A previous submission suggested that Lynn Myers is a real up and comer in the Liberal caucus. I don't think that very much could be further from the truth. Myers got the chairmanship of the Health committee only to watch its functioning totally break down under his partisan leadership. Even his own Liberals can't stand him. Myers is the only backbencher in Ottawa to pretend he is a Cabinet minister. Myers is the type of MP who will wait in the lobbies until Paul Martin walks out into the scrum, just so he can get on the evening news behind him. I don't live in the riding (I'm from the city of Waterloo) But I think that if a solid Alliance candidate can't beat the least respected MP in Ottawa... we'll see.
16/11/00 A.J.
I have to take issue with the previous author's comments. Lynn Myers is a hardworking effective representitive of the people of Waterloo-Wellington. He has in three years on the Hill been apointed a Committee Chair and then promoted to Parlimentary Secretary to the Solicitor General. Both the Prime Minister and Finance Minister Paul Martin have been in Waterloo-Wellington long before the election call to support Mr. Myers. Not only has Mr. Myers attended 100% of votes in the House of Commons (at least prior to the all night Nisg'a voting), but he has also been very visible in every part of his large riding. The people of Waterloo-Wellignton will vote for effective representation on the 27th of November and send Myers back to Ottawa for a second term.
17/11/00 Pundit Email:
This will go Liberal yet again. Part of the Alliance legacy of splitting the vote.
18/11/00 EP Email:
Though I don't think it will make much difference, I would like to give credit to Ted Arnott, the local Tory MPP, for appearing with Joe Clark when Clark was in town. He is the only MPP in the area that sticks with the Torries instead of switching to CA.
20/11/00 M.J.
Lynn is a strong candidate, and loyal to his consituents. He will win easily. I've heard that Reimer is the ideal Alliance member - he is sexist and racist. People aren't going to tolerate this. And the NDP and the Tories seem to be the only parties who actually care about paying down the debt!
21/11/00 Rob White
Jeff Gerber, a local highschool teacher ran a strong campaign here last time and won support for the Reform platform with his debating skills. Since then some prominent locals have become involved in the campaign and worked hard concentrating on the United Alternative program. They attracted an experienced former PC MP who is well connected throughout the area. People here are turned off by Liberal extremism spins because of familiarity with the people involved. The PC's are running a very young candidate with no political experience, although he is backed by the local weatherman. Alliance by five percent.
22/11/00 Dave MacDonald Email:
As the local weatherman supporting Michael Chong, I have been canvassing door-to-door with him on a number of occasions, and we have been seeing very positive reactions to the PC platform and to Joe Clark as a leader. This will be a close race in my opinion. By the way, I am a friend of John Reimer as well, and I can assure you he is not sexist or racist, and I personally am offended by this type of allegations against a candidate just because they happen to be running for the Alliance. All parties have excellent candidates, and all parties have a few that are perhaps not as strong, but I respect John, and I respect his integrity and his record as a PC member of parliament. I am working with Michael because there are some things about the CA party that I do not agree with, and I would rather see Joe Clark as the PM. Maybe someday the two major small-c conservative parties will get together, but right now there are too many fundamental differences between them for t! hat to happen. In summary, I think Michael has a good chance in this riding, but I do wish John Reimer well. After all, the main objective is to see that Lynn Myers is not re-elected and that the Liberals are sent a clear message. We think Michael is the man for that job.
25/11/00 Initial
The accusations I made about John Reimer being sexist and racist weren't just made off of generalisations about the Alliance - that came from someone who used to work with John. Besides, what does this city man think he represents a rural riding like ours? I wish there was a Communist candidate here. Lynn's got the seat again, no doubt.
26/11/00 lrs Email:
local poll says Lib win but CA over 30%- probably only a moral victory for CA- a vote over 30% the Pc candidate is quite good but probably will not get vote total of prev PC candidate( mun politician) this riding will show vote splitting- next time the CA should ask the present PC candidate to be its candidate
26/11/00 Rob Nicholson
I am offended by the comments about John Reimer. I would like to know who worked for him and would make such comments. I am guessing that if he or she exists they are the kind of individual who would prefer to make their slurs but remain in the shadows. We've all met people like that.

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