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Liberal Party:
Judi Longfield
Canadian Alliance:
Shaun Gillespie
Progressive Conservative Party:
Robert Chopowick
New Democratic Party:
Vic Perroni

Judi Longfield

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Population: 99 844
Avg Household Income 62 652
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18/10/00 Peter Smith Email:
If Judy Longfield runs again, This riding will go Liberal. She's moved down in the benches in the HoC since 1997. no really bad press. No glaring reason to vote her least not that I can see...
03/11/00 A.S.
Undistinguished sort of new riding carved out of the eastern 905, held federally by the undistinguished Judi Longfield (one of Chretien's "appointed woman candidates"--ah, our kingdom for "Blue Dog Democrat" 905 Grits like Dan McTeague), and provincially by the *very* distinguished Attorney-General Jim "Slim Shady" Flaherty, who's in the CA camp. Watch this spot for potential earthquakes from the right. But remember that qualifier--"potential".

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