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Windsor-St. Clair

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Liberal Party:
Rick Limoges
Canadian Alliance:
Philip Pettinato
Progressive Conservative Party:
Bruck Easton
New Democratic Party:
Joe Comartin
Green Party:
Stephen Lockwood
Marxist=Leninist Party:
Dale Woodyard

Rick Limoges

Previous Result:
Byelection 1999
General 1997

Surrounding Ridings:
Windsor West

Population: 103 124
Avg Household Income 47 712
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06/10/00 AL
The NDP came within a whisker of winning this riding in the by-election and the only reason they lost was because of a sympathy vote over former MP Shaughnessy Cohen passing away. If the NDP wins only one riding in Ontario it will be this one and expect the NDP machine in Ontario to go all out and put heavy resources into winning Windsor-St. Clair
10/10/00 Mike Parkes Email:
The NDP's Joe Comartin came within a whisker of winning this riding in the byelection. He lost only because people supported the Liberal who ran to replace the late Shaunessy Cohen. Now, the Liberal MP is just another backbencher and should be easy pickings for Mr. Comartin.
11/10/00 Email:
A NDP prediction here is out to lunch. The NDP has 14,000 votes in this riding and got them all out in the byelection which made it close. With a turnout of 60% in a general election and ND votes maybe even moving to Rick in an anti-Alliance mood that will be pushed - Rick is a solid pick. He's a Riverside boy with strong support from the centre right in the riding. BTW, I was the campaign manager for Reform in the by-election and am not Liberally biased in my assessment.
22/10/00 Guy Montag Email:
Rick Limoges has great name recognition in this riding and is generally regarded as being a strong MP and a strong community memember. Joe Comartin is a perpetual runner-up and this time wont have the support of the entire NDP election team like he did in the by-election. The NDP came close to winning the riding because of the traditional handicaps a government has in a by-election: a chance to send the government a message without risking a minority government; low voter turnout; etc... The NDP, crippled with a inneffective leader, a platform at odds with a vast majority of the electorate would be very hard pressed to win this riding.
22/10/00 Brad N. Email:
To predict an NDP victory here is giving the party way too much credit. I would be really surprised if the NDP won any seats in Ontario.
22/10/00 J HORNECK Email:
Rick Limoger's office has mailed more mailings than three or four other members offices combined. He and his staff have worked like crazy to get him re-elected and he is personally very popular around the riding as a form city councilor. I think he can pull off a victory as long as the central campaign doesn't screw up big time so don't write him off at all.
23/10/00 John B Email:
This riding will go NDP. They came within a whisker of winning last time, and this time with ONDP support, they will win
30/10/00 Thomas MacKay Email:
Rick Limoges has pissed off many interest groups here in Windsor with inaction on key issues. There is a large pressure group of seniors known as CASS that Rick said he'd work for (to get their vote in the byelection) and now he wont return their phone calls. Plus, Rick has been even more invisible than anyone could imagine in the past couple of years. The people that I've been talking to supported Rick in the past, but now are voting NDP because they know that Rick will say anything to get elected, and not follow through.
01/11/00 Michael Ensley
The NDP leader's tour was in the riding. The visit attracted 50 people counting the three candidates. One of which mispronounced Alexa's name and another person kept calling Alexa Audrey.;-) The Labour support due to Buzz being a loose canon is not there. This will be a convincing Liberal win and not even close.
02/11/00 Cchris Chmelyk
As much as I'd like to see the NDP take this one, the rank-and-file CAW types can be some of the most reactionary voters in the country (look at Oshawa). There is an outside chance Comartin will take this seat, but I think the NDP's better chances are in cosmopolitan urban ridings like Beaches and Trinity, as well as its Northern bastions. The NDP will win 2 seats for sure (Trinity-Spadina and Sault Ste. Marie). If they win 4, the additional two will be Beaches-Woodbine and Nickel Belt. Rank Windsor-St. Clair and Timmins-James Bay as 5 and 6, but ONLY if the NDP runs a SPECTACULAR campaign, and the Alliance polls 30% or more in Ontario.
02/11/00 Paul Email:
I think that Limoges will win again...However, it will definitely be a close race. The NDP have always had strong support in this riding, due to the presence of the unions. Mr. Limoges could not be expected in 2 years to accomplish everything he said he would. He'll need another mandate in order to finish what he has started. Besides, I'd rather have a voice in the government, than a voice in opposition.
03/11/00 lrs Email:
With Liberal sweep on-Liberals should win by 5-10%- Alexa has to turn up heat and gain in polls- Alliance vote will not be substantial enough to wreaken Liberal- They can vote Liberal and save medicare( I'm joking) and the auto workers can keep their tax cut
03/11/00 A.S.
That byelection was such a heartbreaker for Joe Comartin--not only did he lose by a hair, that hair may have been enough to undermine Wayne Lessard's concurrent provincial bid for reelection (leaving *no more* provincial NDP reps in Windsor). And it could well have been Comartin's own electoral apogee; compare how Wayne Marston lost ground against Sheila Copps in the '97 general election following their '96 by-election. But NDP will continue to work hard, fingers crossed...
04/11/00 LRS Email:
If NDP could not win in by-election unlikely can win in general election Lib campaign to polarize election will work here- even if Ca vote high-will take away from NDP as much as Liberals- so a similar result as in 1997 election
12/11/00 Dale Woloshin Email:
I would like there to be a number of specific 2-way radio buttons so that my feeling of the trend not being absolute can be registered. Post-debate: The Liberal vote is softening since the debate, and it appears that both PC and NDP vote is shoring up, and may come home to roost in close ridings. It will be tight, but if ether the usual trend of the front-runner losing ground, or the post-debate indicators holding up, Comartin should be able to take it.
16/11/00 EP Email:
Mary Jane Limoges, wife of MP Rick, was defeated in her bid to Windsor council... Does that say something I wonder.
16/11/00 Email:
This riding should have been a cakewalk for the Liberals in the by-election. But then Rick Limoges was nominated, and it all went to the dogs. The campaign was totally disorganized and run by talking monkeys. The campaign manager was a bloody fool who almost cost the government a high profile loss in a safe seat. So what do they do? Hire him again! And what does he do? Screw up again! Rick is a huge Paul Martin fan and managed to get Martin to come to the riding. So the above mentioned campaign manager sets up a tour of a local factory for the Minister and the MP. As the Minister's handlers see the factory for the first time, they freak and hustle Martin the hell out of there. It was a toilet seat factory!!! Images of photos of the Minister's head framed by a toilet seat and the caption "Martin ambitions in the toilet" are running through their heads! With an idiot like that running the show, I'm sure the NDP can put this one in their pocket and walk away with it on the 27th.
25/11/00 John Ashton
Last night, 600 people showed up to see NDP Leader Alexa McDonough along with Joe Comartin, John MacGinlay (Windsor West), Marian Overholt (Essex), Susan MacKay (Chatham-Kent-Essex), Andrew Sadler (London-Fanshawe), and Coleen Redmond (London North Centre). Most of these people will being working for Comartin on Monday.
26/11/00 Thomas MacKay Email:
The Liberal campaign manager stated in the Windsor Star Saturday that "the NDP is only at 8% in the polls, but it seems like all 8% live in Windsor St. Clair. Rick Limoges has put out a really negative attack piece of literature that implies a vote for the NDP will make Stockwell Day Prime Minister. Constituents are upset at the desperate negativity of the Liberal camp here in Windsor and are going to vote for Joe Comartin on Monday.

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