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Joe McGuire
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Jeff Sullivan
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john Griffen
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Nancy Wallace

Joe McGuire

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12/10/00 Matt Email:
Egmont is going to give the boot to MP Joe MacGuire who is only seen around election time! This goes for the rest of the 4 MP's who have only been spotted during a election! I'll give credit to MacAuley, he's done some good, on the other side, MacGuire is going to be put on the burner as the tories put on some massive heat.
18/10/00 L.O. Email:
Western PEI is safe Liberal Territory. The Tories will likely win a seat in the east of the island, but they haven't got a chance in this riding.
20/10/00 J Smith Email:
Like the rest of the province, this will go PC this time around. The Provincial party is likely to throw the weight of their money and volunteers into winning every seat in the province. Last time every seat went Liberal, this time they will all be Tory.
26/10/00 Brad N. Email:
Okay, let me first say I have teh PC logo on this one, but I don't necessarily know that Egmont will go Blue, but I do have to say the Liberals certainly don't have it in the bag. If the PCs have a chance in Malpeque and Cardigan as suggested on here they certainly have a chance in Egmont. The PCs only concentration of popularity seems to be in the East, and I imagine they will pick up seats here, but who knows what Brian Tobin will be doing for the Liberals across the Maritimes. Could provincial PC inclinations translate to Fed PCs?? (Same story as Ontario with CA<-->Harris PC question... ) we'll have to see..
29/10/00 A.S. Email:
In the door-to-door electoral land of green gables, it matters little that this was the only PEI seat to stay Liberal in the '84 Mulroney landslide. (Especially when McGuire's now sitting on a less-than-5% margin.) Indeed, given the Pat Binns factor, the only province to deliver a 12-year all-Grit caucus could conceivably deliver an all-*PC* caucus this year--yes, those sadsack federal PCs. Confederation Bridge's falling down, falling down, falling down...
03/11/00 Young Tory Email:
Well, the alliance is a Non Factor on PEI Pat Binns is 120% behind the Federal Party. As well all of the 26 PC MLA's are backing the Federal Party and going door to door with them. Pat Binns is encouraging people to support the federal party. When a premier who is 70% in the polls supports all of the 4 PC cadidates on the island, thats gotta pull some votes. Please, dont even bother with this Alliance non sense on PEI. It's just not going to happen.
09/11/00 Sunny Email:
Provincial Tory candidate John Griffin is well respected in Prince Edward Island, particularly in western PEI. Not only does he have the strong provincial PC party fully behind him, the Liberals have obviously given up on Joe McGuire (Paul Martin snubbed him on his visit to the Island and Cretien only held a sparsley attended four candidate mini-rally). The Tory's have a good chance of taking all four seats in this election, with this one being perhaps the safest. Joe McGuire has done nothing for the province, except tow the party line when the shellfishers needed help and when the EI system was trampled on. He won't win this time, and the Reform-Alliance is a non-factor in PEI.
16/11/00 russell merkowitz Email:
this is the toughest liberal seat on the island. the ei and fishery issues have hurt. however, joe mcguire has quietly done as much for egmont as lawrence macaulay has done for cardigan. recent announcements include wind energy and tourism projects. none of the other candidates here have the experience to pull these kinds of things off.
16/11/00 Email:
The Liberals have had a number of years in this riding with very little done Ei hurts can and will not be forgooten Joe had his chance To speak on behalf of the people and was silent.The last major projects to come to this riding or atlantic Canada were delivered by tories.There is a great any thing but McQuire movement afloat in Egmont.
21/11/00 PEI Guardian Wayne Thibodeau
More than half of P.E.I.'s decided or leaning voters, 52 per cent, favour the party. That is seven percentage points higher than the 45 per cent popular vote the Liberals received in the 1997 federal election. Progressive Conservatives have the support of one in three, or 33 per cent, of Islanders, down five percentage points from 1997.
21/11/00 WJM Email:
The riding of Egmont had the largest Liberal plurality on the Island in 1997, and was the weakest are of PC support provincially, apart from the one suburban Charlottetown district that the Liberals won. The only way the Tories could win Egmont is by winning the other three PEI ridings first.
25/11/00 Mr.Bean Email:
Everyone knows that Mr.Thibadault is always biast against the Torys and anyone beside liberals is going to lose. He forgot to mention that 55% of the 400 people polled were UNDECIDED. Also please note that 400 people IS NOT a sufficient sample size because I have worked for Angus-Reid for years and have found polls with such a small sample size to be 150% inaccurate! And plus the polling company is one that mainly favors the liberals and past polls released by them have been biast towards that claim.
The only liberal candidate that has a chance is that of Mr.Easter. Mr. MacAdam, and John Griffin will win for the PC's in their respective ridings and in Hillsborough which I am a resident of, no one knows what is going to happen. The only poll that will really count will be that of November 27th.
26/11/00 Every day Tax Payer Email:
The people off Egmont will send John Griffin to ottawa.Joe has not been agressive over the past three years. Regardless of the polls people are ready for a change in Egmont John Griffins Profile continues to grow.

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