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George Proud

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12/10/00 Matt Email:
In 97, this riding had the most political smearing i've ever seen. From the Liberal MP owing money to Bootlegers and Creditors and later during the election went bankrupt but some how still managed to win. This time around, he'll be watching from the sidelines. The feeling around the island is the worn out Liberals will be thrown out and replaced with PC's! Joe Clark is loved around the island, and hillsborough will produce a PC Gain as will the other 3 ridings. Alliance is nothing on the island, and dont except stockwell to make anysort of appearance on a Jet Ski around here!
15/10/00 EP Email:
Instead of pumping out partisian propagada, Matt should really look at the election result of 97 before making a fool of himself. George Proud won this seat with the biggest margin in PEI and the Tories did not even beat the NDP. This is without a doubt the safest seat for the Liberal on the island. Also, to be fair, George Proud is well respected and those creditor/bankrupt stuff are simply ludicrious. Watch for George becomes Hon George Proud the Lt Gov of PEI!
15/10/00 Bluenoser Email:
I have a friend who lives in Hillsborough. He is a card-carrying Tory and he said that he and his family members who were members couldn't make it to their '97 nomination meeting, at which the candidate won by 2 or 3 votes. The losing candidate was apparently an excellent candidate who would have taken the seat...but my understanding is that some Liberals infiltrated the local PC association to get a very unpalatable candidate for the Tories, hence their disasterous loss in '97. Expect some Tories to be fighting back very strongly this time.
16/10/00 Islander Email:
I dont see how another Liberal MP will be put in for Charlottetown. In 1997 the Tories didnt have a very creditable person running for them. This time they will. Living in the Riding the only legacy Mr.Proud is leaving is a new building being constructed up in dowtown charlottetown. Could be a NDP or PC gain but it's not a strong liberal seat in the first place contrary to EP's comments. And be sure to count in that all of Charlottetown's MLA's all 8 of them who are all conservatives will not be telling people to vote for the liberal party of canada. Since EP must be from PEI to making such strong comments in favour of the liberals "who will be divided after their nomination meeting since there could be 4 contestants who are basically enemy's running" should know that we vote differently on a Federal level then we do Provincal, this time it's not going to be the case. It could go anyways though!
18/10/00 L.O. Email:
Too Close. This riding is a fight between Liberals and Tories in the provincial capital. The tories won the provincial capital this past year. That means a lot in PEI. Also, the Liberal gain advantage from some nasty things that seemed to happen in the 1997 campaign - they weren't fully known until afterwards. Finally Heath Macquarrie, former Senator and MP held this riding for over thirty years. When the Provincial PC party went down to one seat in the legislature, it was held by Pat Mella here. It used to be safe Tory ground. Still, all bets are off since things like the confederation bridge went through. The Liberals will have a core here from now on that may be hard to break. A riding to watch...
20/10/00 Bluenoser Email:
I've heard a rumour that Chester Gillan, the MLA for Parkdale-Belvedere is seriously looking at this seat. If he does, he'll bring a great personal popularity with him. For this seat, and others, expect some MLAs to seek nomination. Given that every provincial seat (save one) has gone PC, that leaves a lot of Tories in the Legislature looking for advancement. A predicament rarely faced due to the small House and often narrow splits in membership.
20/10/00 J Smith Email:
This riding will come down to the strength of the Tory candidate, and the attention the Provincial party pays to this riding. In the end, this riding will be the closest result of the province. I predict a PC gain, but by a very narrow margin.
20/10/00 DO Email:
PC's will win, just becuase the great people of PEI are sick of the Liberals, plus the prov. is now alomost completely PC. Go PC's!
29/10/00 A.S. Email:
Odd. George Proud had the lowest PEI Grit vote in '97, yet his margin was over twice that of the other PEI Grits. The reason is that in lieu of the PCs, the *NDP* here became the nominal opposition, as perennial standard-bearer Dolores Crane magically morphed into an incipient Mini-Me Alexa of Charlottetown. Expect that to be a one-time blip, although Crane's back--though what'd be more astounding than an all-PC PEI caucus would be 3 PCs & an NDP. Oh, and a pizza place;-)
03/11/00 Young Tory Email:
Well, the alliance is a Non Factor on PEI Pat Binns is 120% behind the Federal Party. As well all of the 26 PC MLA's are backing the Federal Party and going door to door with them. Pat Binns is encouraging people to support the federal party. When a premier who is 70% in the polls supports all of the 4 PC cadidates on the island, thats gotta pull some votes. Please, dont even bother with this Alliance non sense on PEI. It's just not going to happen.
15/11/00 Ivan MacArthur
This is a well-contested race between the NDP, Tories and Liberals. Liberals will likely win comfortably due to vote splitting between Tories, NDP and too a lesser extent the Alliance. Expect a similiar result to last election in this riding.
16/11/00 russell merkowitz Email:
many people thought that the ndp were going to make a breakthrough here, but recent informal (local radio station) polls show the typical ndp level of support (i.e. single digit percentages). the tories meanwhile couldn't even find a candidate for the longest time with prominent local m.l.a.'s to scared to jump into the fray. don't even talk about the ca in pei unless it is related to splitting the protest vote. the liberal candidate has the backing of the business community and has the advantage of being on the (probable) government side.
21/11/00 PEI Guardian Wayne Thibodeau
More than half of P.E.I.'s decided or leaning voters, 52 per cent, favour the party. That is seven percentage points higher than the 45 per cent popular vote the Liberals received in the 1997 federal election. Progressive Conservatives have the support of one in three, or 33 per cent, of Islanders, down five percentage points from 1997.
22/11/00 Judy L Email:
Dody Crane could very well be a surprise upset in this race. PEI is normally Liberal territory but a possible Liberal-Tory split could let her come up the centre. Her campaign seems very energetic and she has lots of workers. She's a well-known personality who finished 2nd when she ran in 1997.
25/11/00 Mr.Bean Email:
Everyone knows that Mr.Thibadault is always biast against the Torys and anyone beside liberals is going to lose. He forgot to mention that 55% of the 400 people polled were UNDECIDED. Also please note that 400 people IS NOT a sufficient sample size because I have worked for Angus-Reid for years and have found polls with such a small sample size to be 150% inaccurate! And plus the polling company is one that mainly favors the liberals and past polls released by them have been biast towards that claim.
The only liberal candidate that has a chance is that of Mr.Easter. Mr. MacAdam, and John Griffin will win for the PC's in their respective ridings and in Hillsborough which I am a resident of, no one knows what is going to happen. The only poll that will really count will be that of November 27th.

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