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Ken Bingham
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Jeremy Stiles

Wayne Easter

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12/10/00 Matt Email:
Malpeque is basically a riding with alot of rural/urban fringe. In 97, the pc's lost only by 600 or so, this time the PC's have some momentum going. The PC's are running the same face as last time, well known PC Jimmy Gorman will be running again and is a force to be recking with! Neither the CCRAPer's or the NDP will play a role in Malpeque so it's either another 4 years of a better chance of spotting a UFO than your MP. Or someone who's going to fight for whats right, not what he is told to do. A PC gain!
18/10/00 L.O. Email:
This will be quite a race. The Tories are the contenders here. But I suspect they will be focussing their campaign on Cardigan. That's their best shot. Of course, the island went almost completely blue with the exception of one seat in the last provincial election - and nowhere is there less separation of the federal and provincial PC's than in PEI in terms of organization. Still, even when the province voted for Maclean and Lee, they didn't quite do the same federally. The tories will likely try to focus on getting one seat here. Also expect to see some of the worst numbers for the NDP and Alliance in these seats.
20/10/00 J Smith Email:
The Tories nearly pulled this riding off last time. The Provincial party is almost completely True Blue tory, and will likely help the Federal party win here. PC gain.
26/10/00 J Smith EMAIL:
Big Tory victory. The PC party of PEI is completely behind Clark. Their massive victory in last year's provincial election will be a true indicator of the Tory's success in Malpeque. Since the Provincial party nearly swept this province last election, the Tories will be able to win this seat, probably with a large majority.
29/10/00 A.S. EMAIL:
I'm not certain that a PC majority/plurality here would necessarily be "large"; though keep in mind that in PEI politics, relatively narrow margins and small shifts can deliver an awful lot of seats for the lucky ruling party. (For instance, the PCs did better in PEI than any other province in '97, and were only 6.5 points behind the Liberals--yet they were shut out of Commons once again. And in 1993 a nearly 40% mandate got them only 1 legislative seat out of 32.) So, don't count your Tory chickens before a full federal Binns effect is hatched...
03/11/00 Mike Wakefield Email:
The Alliance creeping into double digit support means that too many votes have left the Tories to win any seats in PEI.
03/11/00 Young Tory Email:
Well, the alliance is a Non Factor on PEI Pat Binns is 120% behind the Federal Party. As well all of the 26 PC MLA's are backing the Federal Party and going door to door with them. Pat Binns is encouraging people to support the federal party. When a premier who is 70% in the polls supports all of the 4 PC cadidates on the island, thats gotta pull some votes. Please, dont even bother with this Alliance non sense on PEI. It's just not going to happen.
15/11/00 SJC
There is no question that Wayne Easter will win this seat again. Wayne is one of the highest profile MPs from the Atlantic Region regardless of the party. He is very well known within his riding and very respected. I suspect your predictions are based on the 1997 results - well this is not 1997 and the people of PEI are content with all levels of governments. Expect to see Easter's victory of margin be at least 20%.
16/11/00 russell merkowitz Email:
wayne easter is the hardest working mp in atlantic canada. the ca have a credible candidate but will only take votes away from the tories, who have the same candidate as last time. it will be a liberal romp.
21/11/00 PEI Guardian Wayne Thibodeau
More than half of P.E.I.'s decided or leaning voters, 52 per cent, favour the party. That is seven percentage points higher than the 45 per cent popular vote the Liberals received in the 1997 federal election. Progressive Conservatives have the support of one in three, or 33 per cent, of Islanders, down five percentage points from 1997.
21/11/00 SJC
As I write this, the polling firm CRA (Corporate Research Associates) have just published their polls for PEI showing a Liberal sweep. With a province wide 20 point lead I think it is safe to say that you can expect Easter to dominate in Malpeque by 30%. My last prediction was only 20%, but a poor lacklustre campign by the Tories and very poor quality NDP candidate demonstrates Wayne's far more qualifying skills as an MP. There is no question here - Easter will return for a third madate in a third Liberal majority government!
25/11/00 Mr.Bean Email:
Everyone knows that Mr.Thibadault is always biast against the Torys and anyone beside liberals is going to lose. He forgot to mention that 55% of the 400 people polled were UNDECIDED. Also please note that 400 people IS NOT a sufficient sample size because I have worked for Angus-Reid for years and have found polls with such a small sample size to be 150% inaccurate! And plus the polling company is one that mainly favors the liberals and past polls released by them have been biast towards that claim.
The only liberal candidate that has a chance is that of Mr.Easter. Mr. MacAdam, and John Griffin will win for the PC's in their respective ridings and in Hillsborough which I am a resident of, no one knows what is going to happen. The only poll that will really count will be that of November 27th.

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