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Guy St. Julien
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François Lemieux
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François Dionne
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Sylvain Gemme
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Daniel Fredrick

Guy St-Julien

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21/10/00 Mike M. Email:
This will certainly be a Liberal victory again. There are a lot of Federalists here and the Liberal incumbent should have a lot of support.
26/10/00 Christopher J. Currie EMAIL:
Er ... I can't help but think that the previous poster is referring to a different riding. Abitibi isn't in the N-D-G area -- it's the giant riding covering the entire northwest of the province. My prediction: Guy St-Julien will defeat the Bloc again.
30/10/00 A.S.
Re CJCurrie: that was just a posting error of mine, which the moderator subsequently fixed upon my request. Back to Abitibi: it was an interesting cast of candidates in 1997, with the BQ incumbent opposed by popular former PC MP Guy St-Julien (who had a strong 35% in his '93 defeat), now running as a Liberal; and a great Creditiste name, Armand Caouette, running for the PCs. In the end, Caouette was but a weak also-ran and St-Julien prevailed. Despite the presence of extensive Aboriginal communities along James Bay, this might still be vulnerable to the Bloq...but not terribly.
03/11/00 HG Email:
I can't figure out why Tom Long isn't running here - seeing as he had soooo much support here during the leadership campaign.... And he did promise, win OR LOSE, he'd be running for the so-called "Alliance". I guess he's really a back-room boy at heart. Of course, we in Sarnia always knew that he is unelectable no matter WHERE he runs. Deep down, I think he knows that too.
08/11/00 randy gorman
the race here is betwen the bloc and liberals,any other prediction in quebec is ludicrous. the recent polls show a swing in liberal momentum in quebec and this is another riding worth watching,recent polls in quebec put the liberals at 48% bloc 38%. hard fought battle with liberal candidate squeeking out the victory in another upset.
10/11/00 larry Skoog Email:
this a seat where we wonder where the PC vote goes- if Duceppe continue to do well and Chretien remains a negative- BLOC can win again as in 1993 although Lib candidate I believe has a former PC background
15/11/00 Christopher J. Currie
Guy St-Julien has a history of being a political maverick. When he was a Tory MP (ie. 1984-1993), he openly called for the abolition of the Senate. Now, as a Liberal, he's not afraid to abstain from voting on Government bills on occasion (I can remember one occasion when he rose to clarify that he had consciously abstained from voting with the government). Chretien may not be overly popular here, and the riding doesn't have a strong Liberal tradition (to risk understatement), but St-Julien should pull through regardless.

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