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Liberal Party:
Eleni Bakopanos
Bloc Québécois:
Fatima El Amraoui
Canadian Alliance:
Eugenia Romain
Progressive Conservative Party:
Jessica Chartrand
New Democratic Party:
Steve Moran
communist Party:
Antonio Artuso
Marxist-Leninist Party:
Vincent Dorais
Green Party:
Mimi Ghosh

Eleni Bakopanos

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19/10/00 Redneck Email:
A urban Montreal English Riding- guaranteed slam-dunk for the Alliance.
20/10/00 M. A. Price Email:
Ahuntsic will go Liberal. As for the previous prediction, Ahuntsic cannot be considered an English riding. It is more of an Italian riding. The Alliance Party doesn't stand a chance here. In fact, there is a good chance they might not run a candidate.
20/10/00 YJ Email:
The Liberals will hold this seat because of the older francophone votersand the cultural communities. The Canadian Alliance is not a threat.
21/10/00 Richard Email:
Eleni is going to win, hands down. Her biggest opponent will be in the Bloc. Redneck's comment that Ahuntsic which is primarily a federalist- francophone riding will go Alliance is absolutely ludicrous. I doubt that any Alliance candidate in Quebec will even get their deposit back never mind win a seat! This one is going to Bakopanos with a landslide!
25/10/00 A.S. Email:
Er, I assumed that Redneck's prediction was meant as a parody of Chris Delanoy's standard "rural Alberta" prediction. (*I* laughed;-)) Bakopanos can piggyback on her Mediterranean constituency as always. But the vote splits are always fascinating in these mixed urban Montreal ridings, like provincial elections redux; thus, because the non-Francophone polls are so monolithic, a Grit can have a 17 1/2 advantage over BQ while being almost even in the number of polls won...

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