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Roland Paradis
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Louis Plamondon
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Frederic Lajoie
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Cabriel Rousseau
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Raymond Dorion
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Black Blackburn

Louis Plamondon

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21/10/00 Mike M. Email:
Liberal candidate is a shoo-in to beat the incompetent Bloc incumbent. Duceppe's leadership is being questioned by his very own MP's.....
21/10/00 P. Allard Email:
Mister Plamondon will be reelected for the fifth times because he is very close with is electors, he always defend first the population of Bas Richelieu Becancour Nicolet and then the population of Quebec. Also, I predict that the Bloc will elected between 46 and 55 member parliament.Patrick Allard (Political Analyst)
21/10/00 YJ Email:
In 1997, Louis Plamondon won 55% of the vote. He should cruise to victory again.
25/10/00 Brad N. Email:
"Show-in"?? You've got to be kidding! This is one of the safest Bloc ridings in Quebec. BQ Candidate Louis Plamondon trounced the nearest candidate (Liberal) by nearly 26%. 55% of the vote went BQ and the "Yes" side won almost 21% over the "No" side in the Referendum. This is a seperatist riding and an easy return for the Bloc. It should not be called "Too Close".
25/10/00 A.S Email:
Incompetence, my foot; Plamondon (one of the Mulroney-PC-to-BQ switchers) was charged for soliciting a prostitute in '93. Yet he won reelection by monster majorities in the next two elections--not bad for a john. Honestly; this is perma-etched Bloq...
01/11/00 TCS Email:
Time to change the prediction. A.S. is right about this seat (as he usually is): this is solid Bloc territory and I'm sure the Liberals are not wasting much time in this riding. If you don't believe me go and look at the provincial election results or the referendum vote, but quite frankly the 55 per cent vote last time speaks for itself.
06/11/00 MF Email:
This riding is a Sovereignist stronghold at the Provincial level. The incumbent, Louis Plamondon, win with a clear majority over the other candidates in the 1997 Federal Election. Normally, the Bloc should hold this seat.
10/11/00 larry Skoog Email:
unless something is wrong with this Bloc MP- Tory vote smaller than in most ridings last time- Liberal will have difficult time catching up even if PC vote collapses

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