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Serge Marcil
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Daniel Turp
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Stephane Renaud
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Roma Myre
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Elizabeth Clark

Daniel Turp

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18/10/00 A.S. Email:
Turpentine's a star egghead Bloqhead who won with less than 40% due, as so often was the case in '97, to Charest's PCs picking off the soft separatists. While the Grits can count on solidity in Anglo-federalist bases like Huntington and Hemmingford, Charest's softies are more likely to return to the Bloq fold. Just about average as BQ seats go.
21/10/00 Mike M. Email:
This one is definitely going to the Liberals. There is gonna be some huge campaigning by the Liberals that will focus on this one area, so I think their chances to beat incumbent Bloqhead is very very good.
26/10/00 Christopher J. Currie EMAIL:
Bloc/Liberal tossup. This area is mostly Liberal Provincially, and the Grits are running a credible candidate. As against which, Turp is a credible candidate as well. One to watch on election day.
03/11/00 WJM Email:
If the Liberal and Bloc vote continues close or the Grits even pull ahead a bit in Quebec overall, Turp will be toast, which is a shame since he's one of the more likeable Bloquistes.
10/11/00 lrs Email:
a seat that Liberals could win but likely as much as PC vote will go back Bloc since Turp is one of Bloc stars- would need Liberal swing- so far Chretien cannot do it
14/11/00 randy gorman
the liberals are running a strong candidate in this riding in serge marcil,this is a riding definely to watch.the liberals are campaigning hard in this riding taking credit for the funding for a bridge beltway that is nearly complete. daniel turp will be tough to knock off but not impossible,slight edge to mr.marcil and the liberals,as the earlier commentator said, its too bad because mr.turp is one of the more likeable bloc mp's.
25/11/00 J. Dumas Email:
I would not be surprised by a liberal win. Turp, with his rather excentric style, doesn't connect with the average Joe.

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