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Paul Giroux

IND Réjean Lefebvre

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30/10/00 A.S.
Another of those big Bloq calipers squeezing Johnny Christian's Saint-Maurice--except that the Bloquiste is now Independent following a little drunk driving charge or somethin'. Big deal. At 44% in '97, it's returning to the fold. I guess.
26/10/00 Brad Nicpon Email:
Regardless of how the seat stands now it was elected BQ with around a 17% margin of victory. Unless Lefebvre has a huge following as an IND chances are it's going back to the Bloc. (17% Yes over No in Ref)
31/10/00 JRL Email:
A rather interesting riding, historically. Over the last 30 years, the good Folks from Champlain elected a Creditist, a Liberal, a Conservative and a bloquiste. The BQ member resigned from after he was arrested for DUI. I dunno if he's running again but I wouldn't be a factor, probably. Now what? This riding is located south of the St. Lawrence River, west of the Quebec City greater area. Over 94 per cent is french-speaking; they voted yes at the last referendum and in '97, the BQ guy had almost twice the support the Liberal had. I'd say a closer call the the BQ this time.

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