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Carole Marcil
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Robert Lanctôt
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Ricardo Lopez
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REjeanne Rioux
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Robert Lindblad
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Margaret Larrass

Maurice Godin

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22/10/00 A.S. Email:
While much of the City of Chateaugay is federalist and Liberal, it's counteracted by the rapid-growth Montreal-suburban and rural "50% in '97" Bloq country. For the morbid record, even the polls in St Remi (home of the Trudeau mausoleum) went Bloq.
31/10/00 A.S.
The city of Chateaugay itself has a strong Anglo-Federalist undercurrent, but it's outflanked by the very, very BQ rest. In case you're interested, Trudeau was buried in this riding--and even *his* polls have been Bloq lately. [shrug]
31/10/00 JRL
Typical Quebec Riding. Was Liberal in the 70s, voted PC in 84 and 88 and BQ ever since. With a 14 percent Anglo population, who'll give the Bloc virtually no votes, Chateauguay migt be a close call this time.
15/11/00 Christopher J. Currie
I see that Ricardo Lopez has finally found his true home. After serving as a Tory MP during the Mulroney years, M. Lopez has now crossed over to the Alliance -- rather appropriate, given that he was once a member of Franco's army, and advocated shipping Quebec's aboriginal population to Labrador. Imagine what a blow it could be to the Alliance's reputation if this information became public knowledge! Anyway, the Bloc guy is guaranteed to be re-elected; I just thought I'd share the info on Lopez.

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