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André Béliveau
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Pauline Picard
Canadian Alliance:
Jacques Laurin
Progressive Conservative Party:
Lyne Boisvert
New Democratic Party:
Julie Philion

Pauline Picard

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30/10/00 A.S.
With St-Hyacinthe next door, a "next tier" of Charest support, where PC took a third of the vote but couldn't knock the Bloq off in '97. Now, this midway point on the Montreal-Quebec autoroute'll likely sink back into the BQ mid-ground.
01/11/00 TCS Email:
The Bloc will cruise to an easy victory again. The Liberals placed third last time, and this is a nationalist riding. The PCs were 8 per cent behind last time, but it seems highly improbable that they would close the gap. As with other Quebec ridings, the only question is how many votes the PC will lose and where the PC vote will go. In this riding, most will go to the Bloc, implying another win for the Bloc.
03/11/00 randy gorman
the liberals are running a well known candidate in the riding in andre beliveau,the liberals have high hopes in this riding and have the candidate that can pull it off,look for the fedralists vote to strem to beliveau,it will be a horse race and ms picard could be in trouble.

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