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Gerard Binet
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Jean-Guy Chrétien
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Stephane Musial
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Nicole Massicotte
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Olivier Chalifoux
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Pierre Luc Fournier

Jean-Guy Chrétien

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30/10/00 A.S.
In the Mulroney era, this was massively, massively Marcel Masse; but in spite of Masse's touching the border of outright Quebec nationalism (and at subsequent times practically crossing it), the support here for BQ has only ranged from alright (1993) to lukewarm (1997, with only a 1-point margin over Lib). Maybe the moderating odours from Beauce and l'Estrie are too close at hand...
26/10/00 Brad N. Email:
This oen could go anywhere! The Bloc only won with 1% over the Liberals and the PCs weren't all that far behind either. Maybe safer to suggest Bloc for now, but come election day I really think it's going to be anybody's guess...
31/10/00 JRL Email:
BQ won by something like 300 votes in 1997. With the Bloc getting less support, and the Tories without any support at all, the Liberals will take this seat and the current BQ member, Jean-Guy Chretien (!!!!!) wil go home.
01/11/00 TCS Email:
Slight edge to the Bloc, but this riding could be close-it is on Le Devoir's list of the 16 ridings where the result is in most doubt. Less than 500 votes separated the Bloc incumbent from the Liberals, and everything depends upon the 10,000 PC voters. The riding voted slightly yes in the referendum, and provincially Frontenac is PQ while Mégantic is Liberal.
06/11/00 randy gorman
let's see,mr.chretien was recently quoted as saying ('in a minority gov't the bloc would benefit by blackmailing the liberals for favorable policies in quebec') i don,t think this will go over well in this riding.the other mr.chretien may have sealed his fate on retaining this seat for the bloc. even bloc leader gilles duceppe is distancing himself from his candidate's loose lips.
26/11/00 YJ Email:
In 1997 the Liberals ran a strong campaign and it was close. However, in the last few weeks I haven't heard this riding mentioned as a hotly contested riding. I think the Bloc incumbent will hold his seat.

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