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Liberal Party:
Mark Assad
Bloc Québécois:
Richard Nadeau
Canadian Alliance:
Stephany Crowley
Progressive Conservative Party:
Michael Vasseur
New Democratic Party:
Carl Hétu
Ronald Belanger
Samanthaq Demers
Natuarl Law Party:
Jean-Claude Rommet
Marxist-Leninist Party:
Francoise Roy

Mark Assad

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21/10/00 YJ Email:
No problem for the Liberals here. The Outaouais region is undoubtedly federalist. The Bloc finished in third place in the last election.
22/10/00 A.S. Email:
Along with Paul Martin, Assad was the only Quebec Grit to steal a riding back from the Tories in '88--and that (plus a little Ottawa-orbit effect) was enough to keep him very firmly put in '93. By '97, Bloq was well back in third behind the Tory candidate.
26/10/00 Peter J EMAIL:
If the Alliance had any chance in Quebec (but they don't) this would be the riding. Surprisingly, many of the good folks in the Buckingham area and Eastern part of the riding a sympathetic to Stock's message. Many of these good people are expatriot Ontarians who would embrace Mike Harris were not for the fact that real estate is so damn cheap in the Outaouis.
18/11/00 Jean-Sébastien Paquin Email:
If liberal party loose this one it will be over for them. People there are very loyal to liberal party of Canada.
20/11/00 FPG Email:
The Bloc will have difficulty mobilising the nationalist vote here, which is low anyway. Other parties have virtually no organisation. Incumbent MP Mark Assad will be re-elected without any difficulty even if very few of his constituents ever hear from him between elections.

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