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Laval Centre

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Liberal Party:
Pierre Lafleur
Bloc Québécois:
Madeleine Dalphond-Guiral
Canadian Alliance:
Eric Marchand
Progressive Conservative Party:
Guy Fortin
New Democratic Party:
Jean-Yves Dion
Green Party:
Julien Bernard

Madeleine Dalphond-Guiral

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25/10/00 Brad Nicpon Email:a
I'd give the Bloc an incumbent edge, but that's about it.... They won with only 4% over the Liberals. Could do anything, but seems to be leaning BQ.
25/10/00 Brett Quiring Email:
Laval East and Laval Centre will be interesting bellweathers this election. If the Bloc can hold these close seats they should be in good shape across the province. If they go Liberal the Bloc will probally dip into 30-40 seat margin
26/10/00 A.S. EMAIL:
A mushy sort of Bloq riding teetering on the edge of various not-so-Bloqiste zones (whose effect leaks in in places like Chomedey). While she topped 55% in '93, MD-G slipped below the 40% barrier and into a tight margin in '97. Quebec's demographic realities somewhat dilute (without eliminating) the "threatened" impression such latest results leave. But Laval's a wishy-washy sort of place anyway, so I'm hesitant about predicting.
14/11/00 randy gorman
it might be it bit premature to predict a bloc victory here,however i understand your reasoning,the bloc have won this riding in 2 successive elections. this time around the liberals have a strong candidate in pierre lafleur, the incumbent is in tough in laval-centre. i've talked to a couple of friends that live in the riding and they are telling me there seems to be a strong enough shift to make this another one to watch on election.i trust their intuition so i.ll call this one as a liberal gain on election night ever so slightly.

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