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Laval East

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Liberal Party:
Carole-Marie Allard
Bloc Québécois:
Mathieu Alarie
Canadian Alliance:
Rosane Raymond
Progressive Conservative Party:
Andre Plourde
New Democratic Party:
Sujata Dey
Marxist-Leninist Party:
Gabriel Cornellier-Brunelle
Green Party:
Frederic Gauvin
Marijuana Party:
Christian Lajoie
Regent Millette

Maud Debien

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25/10/00 Brett Quiring Email:
Laval East and Laval Centre will be interesting bellweathers this election. If the Bloc can hold these close seats they should be in good shape across the province. If they go Liberal the Bloc will probally dip into 30-40 seat margin
26/10/00 Initial EMAIL:
Further east wishy-washiness on Ile Jesus; by provincial standards, these would be something like "Robert Bourassa Pequiste". Popular albeit party-burdened, former MP Vincent Della Noce made this the PCs' best Montreal-area shot at hanging in or bouncing back in the last two elections.
30/10/00 Chris Delanoy
The Bloc MP here has retired, so this is now an open seat with no incumbent. The Bloc won a three-way 38/32/28 split in 1997, and this is one of the areas of the province where the Tory collapse will help the Liberals more than the Bloc, so a Liberal pick-up is probable.
14/11/00 randy gorman
the race in this riding is between the incubent bloc member and the liberal candidate any other prediction is ludicrous,the alliance has no organization in quebec or support. the bloc won this riding by only 6% in the last election. the question remains with the collapse of the conservative vote in quebec where will it go to in this election. my bet is the majority of the vote will swing to the liberals,enough in fact to tke this riding away from the bloc.
26/11/00 Initial (MF) Email:
The eastern part of the "île Jésus" is the one where the Sovereignists are the most popular. Thus, Laval East the riding on that is less likely to turn Liberal on that island.

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