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Luc Dastous
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Odina Desrochers
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Pierre Allard
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Jean Landry
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Dominique Vaillancourt

Odina Desrochers

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19/10/00 J Smith Email:
This is a soft nationalist riding in the Eastern Townships. The Tories have targeted this riding and will run a converted Bloc Member who is popular in this area. The Bloc only carried this riding by 2000 votes last time, so look for a Tory upset.
22/10/00 {Pundit Email:
Jean Landry is another Tory star candidate, who should win this riding. A former Bloc MP who renounced separation while he was still with the Bloc, Landry should mke the difference here.
30/10/00 A.S.
It looks a little soft, but the low '97 BQ result may have come in part from Landry's independent run that year. And face it; Landry may do above average for PC in Quebec, but if he *really* wanted to win, he should have gone Liberal...
31/10/00 TCS Email:
I think that the Bloc are unlikely to lose this riding. They had an eight per cent/three thousand vote margin last time, and this area is held provincially by the PQ with a ten per cent margin. The riding also voted yes in 1995, albeit narrowly. Star candidate or no star candidate, the PCs are likely to lose votes: their standing in the polls is dismal and they no longer have Jean Charest at the helm. Given the rural and soft nationalist nature of the riding, I expect disaffected PC voters will vote Bloc, or stay home rather than vote Liberal, and so I do not think the Bloc is in trouble here. That said, I do not live in the riding or visit it regularly, so I could be wrong.
06/11/00 Mike Wakefield Email:
Margin of error of poll: 1.66%, 19 times out of 20. Tories in the last Leger Marketing poll: 2%

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