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Hélène Scherrer
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Hélène Alarie
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Clermont Gauthier
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Karl Adomeit
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Gisele Desrochers

Hélène Alarie

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30/10/00 A.S.
Despite impressions, much of the Quebec City area is moderate rather than firebrand in its nationalism--as the under-40% results in several of its constituencies (like this one) indicate. And the environs of Laval University and upscale Sillery are so egalitarian as to be "Angloesque" (and as one would expect, they were most noticeably Liberal-inflected). Regardless, this is no less likely than its neighbours to stray from the BQ status quo...
01/11/00 TCS Email:
This one could be close: it is on Le Devoir's list of the 16 ridings to watch in Quebec. The Bloc incumbent had a six per cent margin over the PLC, and the PC made a strong showing with 22 per cent of the vote. The yes won only slightly in 1995, so there are many federalists in this suburban Quebec city riding with many well-educated high-income voters. That said, I think that the Bloc will keep it, given that recent polls show them maintaining their support in the province of Quebec. Provincially the riding went PQ in 1998.
22/11/00 Ghislain Boudreau
Liberals will be able to take away this seat from the Bloc. Many people are outraged about the provincial government's plan to force municipal amalgamation in the Quebec City region. Many people who voted PQ/BQ/Yes to independence have decided not only to vote against the Bloc, but also for the Liberals, as they want so badly to send a message to the PQ. I must say that even if municipal amalgamation weren't an issue in the campaign, Liberals would have a good chance of winning the riding, as separatism tends to be in decline in the region relatively to the rest of the province since 1980, and therefore support for the Bloc Québécois would have declined anyway.

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