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Liberal Party:
Robert Labadie
Bloc Québécois:
Ghislain Fournier
Canadian Alliance:
Laurette de Champlain
Progressive Conservative Party:
Gaby-Gabriel Robert
New Democratic Party:
Normand Caplette

Ghislain Fournier

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22/10/00 A.S. Email:
Looks more threatened than it may actually be; fueled by the non-separatist coastal areas t/w Labrador, the Grits' Andre Maltais scored very close behind with 41% in '97. But Fournier still had 47%--this was the very rare riding where Charestmania did *not* bump the PC total upward. On the other hand, if the the losing Liberals can do *that* well (better that most BQ members around Quebec City!) alongside a decimated Tory party, then Bloqheads may have more to fear than they're counting on...
22/10/00 Brad N. Email:
I believe this is the second largest riding in Quebec.... very rural and a safe bet for the Bloc.
03/11/00 WJM Email:
There's strong dissatisfaction with the BQ incumbent, and strong desires in the rural parts of the riding to have a government MP for a change. Liberal candidate is originally from the easternmost, federalist part of the riding, and will whip up much higher turnout among the anglophone and federalist communities. The chief advantages for the BQ are that the Liberal candidate has come back to the riding from residence in Quebec City, and the strong sovereigntist union organization in the mining towns, but if Bloc vote keeps slipping among francophones in Quebec, this one will be a narrow Liberal win.

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