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Mount Royal

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Liberal Party:
Irwin Cotler
Bloc Québécois:
Jean-Sébastien Houle
Canadian Alliance:
Alex Gabanski
Progressive Conservative Party:
Stephane Gelgoot
New Democratic Party:
Maria Pia Chavez
Green Party:
Jean-Claude Balu
Communist Party:
Judith Chafoya
Natural Law Party:
Ena Kahn

Irwin Cotler

Previous Result:
Byelection 1999
General 1997

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10/10/00 Mike Parkes Email:
If the Grits lost every seat but one in all of Canada, this would be the only seat. Mont Royal is the former riding of Pierre Elliot Trudeau and the chance of the Liberals losing here is too low to mention.
11/10/00 Brett Quiring Email:
I believe that last time this riding didn't vote Liberal R.B Bennett was Prime Minister. The Libs got 91% in the by-election is they any doubt about how this riding will go?
11/10/00 Mike Wakefield Email:
In complete agreement with previous comment. I can't think of anyone not currently serving prison time who couldn't get elected here if they had the Liberal nomination.
13/10/00 Chris Delanoy Email:
The strongest Liberal riding in the country (formerly owned by Pierre Trudeau). Irwin Cotler set the bar high for himself with his astounding 92% by-election victory here in 1999, so political oddsmakers should consider anything lower than a 90% to be a Liberal failure here.
21/10/00 A.S. Email:
Sheila Finestone had a '97 fight, of sorts, where there shouldn't have been, courtesy of an independent campaign by talk-show host Howard Galganov. I wouldn't bother worrying whether Cotler'll crack 90% again. What'll *certainly* be worrysome is if the Alliance wind up doing better than Cotler's combined by-election opposition...

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